Xiaomi is willing to invest 7 billion dollars on AI, 5G, and a lot of technology R&D

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has announced to put financially 50 billion yuan or 7.18 billion dollars in the further development of Artificial intelligence and the fifth generation of the internet. On the last Thursday, the Xiaomi chief executive Lei Jun had a made a clear statement on Xiaomi’s social media account.

However, it is still not defined that, how much company likely to invest in such a research and development program?
Lei said, “we need to turn our continuous benefit w have in an A lot and wise life into absolutely victory intelligent full scene, and completely cement our king status in the tech era.” In short, he said the company would get a significant advantage by such investment in AI and 5G technology.

A while ago, the company had a pledge to invest 10 billion yuan in five years of the time in an A lot strategy. The cell phone manufacturing company turn out to a hub of gadgets and gizmos such as LED TV and smart door locks.
With such substantial financial investment, Xiaomi wants to give fierce competition to another Chinese brand called Huawei in Asian markets. There is an excellent possibility of Xiaomi to take over in the global market after the conflict between Huawei and US-based companies.

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