Xiaomi is preparing the launch of a speaker with AI and touch screen

Xiaomi is a company that has managed to stand out all over the world, from their beginnings with simple smartphones and appliances they have become a company that is capable of manufacturing all kinds of high-quality products at low cost. This corporation has been able to overcome the technology industry in many countries, now it seems that they intend to challenge Google in the field of loudspeakers, this is because it is known that the Asian giant is thinking of creating a new speaker model that has AI and also has a built-in touchscreen.

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Information about the new Xiaomi speaker

The confirmation of the arrival of this new device was made by Bluetooth SIG, which recently certified a new product of the Mi AI Speaker series, ready to reach the market and defeat Google in this field. The official data revealed about this product show that it could be a device that will use Bluetooth 5.0, due to the support for the remote control protocols A/V, A2DP, Low energy link layer, among others.

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

In this platform, it can be seen that this new Xiaomi speaker with AI has the code name LX04 and it is speculated that it uses a MediaTek MT8167S chipset, so it has the ability to perform various artificial intelligence functions simultaneously. Its CPU would have a speed of up to 1.5GHz, which may seem somewhat limited, however, we must remember that a screen does not necessarily have to work with multiple tasks, it just has to be able to perform a certain amount of operations at the same time. This set of SoC also guarantees wireless connectivity and reduced power consumption. For now, we could just wait and see what Xiaomi really offers with the launch of this new speaker.


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