Save $17.85 on Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker[Coupon]

As you know Xiaomi is a well reputed brand. You have already used many product of this brand. Undoubtedly it gives you quality product. For music lover it has got Bluetooth speaker. Not only it has got super stylish look but it also got powerful function. Now you can enjoy good music with awesome sound quality in your leisure time. This Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker is small in size and easy to carry anywhere. So you can enjoy music anywhere anytime.

And the best part is you get this product in best price at Gearbest.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth SpeakerThis Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker is of many uses. It works as learning function for children. It can help children in translation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reciting poem etc. This Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker has voice control feature, you can ask to play anything you want to hear. You can also use it for other functions like setting alarm, checking weather and asking route. It can also help you in finding your mobile phone. Along with all these functions it has amazing sound quality.

You can control the device with the help of buttons given on the top of the Bluetooth.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth SpeakerPrimary features:

  • It has got classy design. And this is compatible with computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, MP3, MP4, MP5 ETC.
  • It supports Bluetooth, volume control, hands free calls. It supports A2DP music playing.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth SpeakerTechnical parameters:

  • It has got six speakers, two stereo sound channel. Frequency of this Bluetooth is 60Hz – 18 KHz. The working voltage is 12V.
  • The AI speaker has Cortex A53 CPU for the smooth operation. With it you can also enjoy the voice control system.
  • You can also set alarm and ask for the day to day weather report.

Package Contents

In package you will get one original Xiaomi Al Bluetooth 4.1 speaker, one power adapter and one manual.

So overall you can say this is an amazing product. Click the link below to get the best deal at Gearbest.


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