Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker – Artificial Intelligence in Home At $69.99 [Coupon]

As we know, Xiaomi has long been entering the market of innovative products and home, standing out notably in smart lamps of various types and in the section of sound, where we know certain portable speakers and even a complete audio kit, such as the Home Theater that we saw recently. Today We are talking about the Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, a portable speaker with immense sound quality and quite striking features. Stay with us so that you know them and see what it is about. Though if you are interested to buy one for yourself, Then use our link below to get it at the Lowest price of $69.99 on Gearbest.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker: Design

The design of this fantastic speaker is classic and very striking. It is made of ABS and is white with the upper edge in turquoise, which gives a soft touch and quite pleasing to the eye. It does not have the typical square or circular shape to which we are accustomed, this time Xiaomi surprises us with a speaker that is used vertically, with dimensions of 8.80 x 8.80 x 21.16 cm and a lightweight of 636 grams. The charging cable measures 1.8 meters, so it is not necessary to have the power socket so close.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker: Functions and compatibility

It comes with Bluetooth V 4.1 and supports WiFi connection Dual band of 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz, supports the hands-free function so we can answer the calls received by the synchronized device from the corner, avoiding having to go to where the Smartphone is. It also comes with volume control and an omnidirectional microphone with 360 ° recognition capability.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

It is compatible with virtually all existing devices that support this version of Bluetooth, such as computers, iPhone, iPod, Laptops, Smartphones, TV Boxes, Tablets – PC, among others and supports the most recognized audio formats that are MP3, MP4, MP5. It also supports A2DP playback. It also has the particularity that you can download multiple plugins and synchronize them through the Smartphone to improve the user experience.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker: Technical details

This speaker has integrated a 64-bit processor with an A53 – Cortex core of 1.2 GHz, which will be able to ensure constant connectivity without intermittencies or failures of any kind. the impedance is 4 ohm, the frequency is 60 Hz at 18 KHz and the sensitivity is 82 dB. To work it must be connected to a power source and for that, it includes its 12 Volt charger.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

This speaker is composed of 6 horns distributed inside, so it is able to generate an excellent stereo sound with a lot of sharpness and quality. Ideal to play your favorite songs, a movie or the series of the moment. The sound capacity is so good, that it can easily be placed in a spacious room, even in an open environment (patio or garden), of course, we will need an extension for that.

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker: Availability and price

This fantastic Xiaomi speaker is currently selling at the price of $69.99 on Gearbest by using our link and coupon code below. Maybe the price seems a little expensive, but we are aware of the quality in every way that Xiaomi products incorporate, even in the audio and lighting sector they have had excellent results. The shipment is free and fast, so if you want quality and pretty stylized speaker, do not hesitate to access the purchase link that we leave here:

Coupon Code: GBAFFZQ004


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