Xiaomi announced the creation of an African regional department

Xiaomi has been a company that has managed to develop in a great way in different types of markets, going from India to Europe, also passing through America and, in all of these, they have extremely strong and known competitors as Apple or Samsung. However, a territory that none of these companies has managed to dominate is Africa, and thinking precisely about that, this huge Chinese company has decided to create a regional department on this continent.

The market on this continent is currently being dominated by the company Transsion Holdings, which owns several well-known brands on this side of the world such as Tecno, Infinix and Itel. Having studied the potential market that these countries can offer, Xiaomi has made the decision to grow on a large scale through this little explored continent.

Xiaomi announced the creation of an African regional department

Information that Xiaomi took into consideration for the African market

Originally, and according to official figures, Samsung was the company that dominated in this market during the first quarter of 2018, but it was later overtaken by Tecno and Itel. Of course, Xiaomi wants a piece of that market since it has seen that it has a great potential for expansion, and also since they have been in this process for 18 months. Something interesting is that this is not the first attempt to enter the African market that Xiaomi has made; several years ago, the company launched several of its best phones in Nigeria, but for a legal issues they were prohibited from selling more products.

They were sued by a company called Mi-Fone that had registered their brand before, which resulted in them being forbidden to sell products with the name “Mi”; however, after a while, they got a pass to continue selling those products in this place. Since then, the Chinese company has managed to sell a limited variety of devices in different retail stores, such as the Redmi Note 5A, the Redmi Note 5 and also the Redmi 6A. It happens that with these sales Xiaomi realized that their products are quite popular, that being said, it does not have an official store or after sales services, so there are many limitations at the moment, which is why the company has decided to create this African regional department.

Information that Xiaomi took into consideration for the African market

Thanks to this, it can offer products and services to all the users that are in the area that present some kind of after sales inconvenience. According to the official memorandum, this department will be headed by Wang Lingming and will report to Wang Xiang. Likewise, Xiaomi also said that it will present several changes in some regions of lower mounts, where its popularity is not so high.

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