Xiaomi ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard, the new product in crowdfunding

Ready for some action? Meet this fast and tough automatic skate.

Something that a company like Xiaomi does is bring to the market items that consumers do not expect. The brand stands out for making intelligent what was not, as it should be the technological approach. That’s why this time Xiaomi announces the new ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard, an intelligent and incredible skate.

Introducing ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard

The first thing that draws attention is the modern design. At first glance, it does not seem to have anything special, but the true beauty of this product is in its interior. Although this skate was developed by the company ACTON, its design comes from Silicon Valley and is armed with several components of recognized brands. Even so, the DNA of Xiaomi is patent in the project, since the price of the model is very inferior compared with the other models of the ACTON catalog.

With 70 x 20 x 13.5 centimeters as measures and weighing 5Kg, it can support up to 100Kg. ACTON Skateboard has fabrication materials like Canadian maple wood and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. In this way, Xiaomi shows that it can bring us the best that technology and sports offer.

Xiaomi ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard, the new product in crowdfunding

Characteristics of the ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard

The LG motors located in the wheels have a design with 500W brushless DC hub, which provides a high speed, which can reach up to 22.5 km / h. Below the table, we will find 10 of Samsung 18650 batteries that provide a range of 12 kilometers. It also feeds a circuit of LED lights integrated into the lower surface of the skateboard and will be loaded from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes. So it will be safer to move at night while another LED indicator will show us the status of the battery.

Characteristics of the ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard

All these features make it interesting enough, right? But there is still more. Brings its own wireless controller to accelerate and stop the skate, and you can activate it to be able to move in automatic until the battery runs out. Its built-in electromagnetic brakes promise to reduce the speeds constantly, without abruptness.

Control of the ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard

In addition, it comes with a mobile app with which you can monitor the charging time and the use of the battery. It is also able to show the time that the skateboard has been walking and mark the distance traveled.

Characteristics of the ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard

Price and availability

ACTON Smart Electric Skateboard is another product part of the Xiaomi announcements line through the crowdfunding platform. With a stipulated price of 999 yuan, we can expect to buy it for $155 when it arrives at Xiaomi stores.

This product so far could be the closest we’ll see to skateboards in science fiction movies. Not every day you can see a skate able to move alone and at such an affordable price.

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