XIAOMI ACTON 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Offered For $399.99: The Smart Skateboard with Remote Control

Like scooters and bicycles, even skateboards have received a wave of technology that brought them back into the spotlight of the general public. Months ago, Xiaomi announced the sale of a new electric scooter in collaboration with ACTON. This company is characterized by designing fully efficient, competitive and intelligent products, like Xiaomi. So from this union, we could not expect anything better than the new XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard, with technology outside the conventional to provide a fantastic experience.

It’s fast, it’s smart, it’s tough and it will take you where you want. Are you ready to know the skateboard of your dreams? Join us in this article.

Main Features:

  • Powerful 500W motor for the max 22km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient
  • 80Wh Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for 12km mileage
  • Remote control for adjusting speed and enjoy the stimulations at different speeds
  • 83mm solid polyurethane wheels to use on the different grounds
  • Detachable battery to be a non-electric skateboard and lower the weight
  • Aluminum alloy frame and maple board material for max 100kg payload
  • Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in the wide road, grassland, slope, etc.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard: Design

This skateboard has no other objective than to provide the user with a quick and safe trip. It is very light and its design resembles that of a traditional longboard. However, it is composed of high-quality materials that allow it to be more resistant and move more easily. In its construction, we find 7 layers of Canadian maple wood and an aeronautical grade aluminum alloy capable of supporting a weight of 100 kilograms. In addition, XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard can dissipate heat to keep the board cool and safe.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

With rather small dimensions (70mm x 20mm x 13mm) the ACTON looks really modern and attractive. The electronic equipment, added to the classic factor of skateboarding gives a decidedly futuristic appearance. The frame is made of aeronautical aluminum alloy while the table is composed of 7 layers of Canadian maple. The quality of the two components gives it a particular sturdiness that allows the skateboard to support up to 100kg in weight.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

Its four wheels incorporate a motor of 500w that makes it able to reach a speed greater than 22,5 km / h. That’s 5 times faster in relation to a bicycle. These wheels are made with high rebound polyurethane that maximizes traction and favor speed. In addition, they have a hardness of 78A that makes them resistant and practical for use on roads with or without asphalt.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

The design also includes a group of unidirectional LED lights at the bottom of the table that makes this XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard stand out among other scooters. They look great and provide security at night, as they illuminate the busy area, avoiding accidents on the road.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard: Capacity

This skateboard of high performance, fast and powerful, has a great autonomy that makes it practical to travel to work or take a walk around the city. That’s right, even if it’s a sports product, it does not stop appearing attractive and elegant. And yet it is able to climb hills without much effort or walk at a speed of 37 km / h. What is possible thanks to an ingeniously placed engine inside the rear wheel that gives more power, since it minimizes the tension in the wheels.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

And if you did not expect it, it has a resistance capacity of up to 12 kilometers of continuous travel, without interruptions. These characteristics make the XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard an aerodynamic and powerful instrument.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard: Battery

Its 10 Samsung 18650 Li-ion 250mAh batteries provide a range of up to 12 kilometers and can be recharged quickly in 90 minutes. Its 42V adapter is compatible with different nominal powers 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, does not

heat up and supports temperatures of up to -20 ºC – + 50 ºC.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard: Additional features

This skate includes an intelligent wireless remote control, which has 3 speeds and settings for the acceleration and braking of skateboards ideal for players and fans. It is controlled manually to move forward and stop, in addition to other functions. You can slide quietly while driving with the remote control, ideal for children and their safety.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

In addition, thanks to a mobile application we can monitor the charging time and the use of the battery, keep track of the time the skateboard has been walking and mark the distance traveled. It is compatible with smartphones of Xiaomi and Samsung.

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard: Price and accessibility

XIAOMI ACTON Electric Skateboard is available for $339.99



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