Xiaomi reports its smart achievements and announces a strategic partnership with IKEA

In recent months, Lei Jun has emphasized the fact that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) combined will result in one of the main marketing strategies that Xiaomi will have, and now, at the World Conference of Artificial Intelligence held in Shanghai, China, where Jun was invited as a special star, he was one of the first people to predict that human beings are entering a new era of wisdom, taking the AI and the IoT as a basis for a future.

Xiaomi and its achievements with smart products

According to some reports, only in the third quarter of this year, the Xiaomi company has sold more than 132 million smart devices related to IoT technology (thus excluding smartphones and so), while its voice assistant, Xiao AI, reached to have the figure of 34 million active users.

Xiaomi and its achievements with smart products

The new “futuristic” marketing strategy of this Chinese company is solid and has allowed Xiaomi to achieve corporate revenues in the third quarter of this year of approximately 10.805 trillion yuan, thus an increase of 89.8% compared to previous years, while the revenues that have been obtained throughout the year are around 29 billion yuan, thus exceeding last year’s income.

Also, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi had built the largest IoT platform in the world, with a 1.7% consumer achievement, well above Apple’s 0.9% and Amazon’s 0.9%, as well as 0.7% Samsung and 0.6% of Google (according to information from iResearch). In addition to that, there is also the answer to why the company is being bombarded with advertising on Echo DOT and Google Home.

Xiaomi reports its smart achievements

This company joins the furniture giant IKEA

Currently, Xiaomi has invested in around 220 companies for its ecosystem through a large crowdfunding platform, and more than 100 of them concentrate their energies on the development of intelligent hardware. Undoubtedly, the subject of investing in companies is very complex, and although the CEO of this company explains it in a few words, the general operation becomes a bit difficult, but Xiaomi never ceases to surprise: this company is preparing to work with the furniture giant, IKEA, who has recently integrated into its catalog smart products of this Asian company.

At the moment, not much is known about the details of this partnership, but it is most likely that the Zigbee protocol plays a key role in this collaboration between the two companies.

Xiaomi announces a strategic partnership with IKEA

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