Xiaomi Low Temperature Evaporation Humidifier available for $227.14

Xiaomi is a very popular brand in the manufacturing of household gadget and devices to enhance good and healthy living. The company has a lot of generations of humidifiers. Now to join is the Xiaomi Low-Temperature Evaporation Humidifier.

The Xiaomi ABS Zero Fog Low Temperature Evaporation Type Humidifier has 600ml / h extreme humidification technology. The Pce-dct dynamic heat compensation technology is used to overcome the insufficient evaporation amount caused by temperature decrease during long evaporation. Xiaomi ABS Zero Fog Low Temperature Evaporation Type Humidifier adopts natural evaporate principle which makes water element diffuses with gaseous form in air without water mist generation, the magazine such as metallic ion and bacterium that contain in water won’t be brought into air and it is suitable for pregnant woman and their kids.

Xiaomi ABS Zero Fog Low Temperature Evaporation Type Humidifier has 4 built-in protections, such as water shortage and power off, cover opening and shutdown, overflow protection and children’s lock which esure the safety of use to the greatest extent. It does not need you to open the top cover, But can directly add water to the facilitate quick water replenishment at any time. The minimum power of the Xiaomi ABS Zero Fog Low Temperature Evaporation Type Humidifier is only 5.8w, and and the minimum noise is 48.7db. Low-speed gear can be selected for night use, so as to ensure comfortable sleep and achieve quiet and energy-saving.

Selling Point:

  • Gaseous water humidification, zero water fog is healthier
  • No white fog is more healthy, warm wind
  • Linkage Xiaomi APP selects more gears
  • One button to easily open, use PCE-DCT dynamic thermal compensation technology
  • Can be controlled by Xiaomi or speaker
  • 600ml / h large humidification, warm and, safe and intelligent
  • Rated voltage AC220V, rated frequency 50Hz
  • Mute value is about 48.7dB, no consumables are more environmentally friendly
  • Built-in four protections: water shortage, power failure, open cover, overflow protection, child lock
  • ABS material

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Temperature Evaporation Humidifier

The Xiaomi Temperature Evaporation Humidifier is currently on sale at Gearbest for $227.14



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