Xiaomi A1 Walking pad at just $359.99 (best Fitness gadget)

Xiaomi company always making good quality products. So now come new product in the market is xiaomi foldable walking pad. This is a folding walk pad system. It is very easy to handle for everyone. The xiaomi foldable mijia walking pad looks like a treadmill which looks like a regular jogging track. The speed range is from 0.5 to 6 kilometers per hour. Weight of this product is 28 kg and supports a maximum load of 90 kg.

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill

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The blade dimension of this Xiaomi A1 walking pad is 1200×415 mm. This walking pad is made up of aluminum alloy and high-density elastic material. On the front of the xiaomi foldable mijia walking pad, it has a LED screen, this screen shows the time and speed when you are walking/working on the Xiaomi foldable walking mijia pad. This product gives you two type of mode: fixed mode and automatic mode. Fixed mode for beginners and automatic mode depend on daily bases. This walking pad gives charm look to your house or gym.

WalkingPad walking machine

After the workout, you can fold the walking pad and slide under the sofa or bed. The thickness of the track in the folded condition is only 12.9 cm. This Xiaomi A1 walking pad is very light in weight. The multi-lock protections are also available in this walking pad, locks are child lock protection, overload protection, 10-minute automatic standby, and novice speed limit protection. This is also remote control or you can directly plug.

WalkingPad walking machine

Xiaomi A1 walking pad Main Features:

  • IML technology for the panel, sandblasting texture cladding technology and aluminized molding lines of the body
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy structure to reduce the weight of the whole machine
  • Multiple protections: child lock protection, overload protection, 10-minute automatic standby, and novice speed limit protection
  • Bottom wheel design to move easily
  • Walking platform distance from the ground is only 57mm when in normal use
  • Just for less than half a square meter and 12.9cm thickness after folding
  • Different speed selection for the new beginner or experienced athletes
  • Has been integrated into Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem and can be set up and adjusted through the Mijia App ( can be downloaded from the App Store )
  • Installation-free design
  • The walking machine powered by the plug to do exercise, the remote control is powered by a button battery ( included in the product )
  • Suitable for doing exercise at home, office, garden, etc.

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WalkingPad walking machine

You can easily handle and to go from one place to another. This machine also works with the app mijia. Walking plate form distance from the ground is only 57mm when in normal use. This Xiaomi A1 walking pad has molding lines of the body. Bottom wheel design to move easily. High or low speed also fixed in this product. This is suitable for doing exercise at home, office, garden, etc.

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Coupon: GBA1FW


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