New Xiaomi 90Fun Suitcase With Fingerprint Sensor

Launched on the crowdfunding platform under the 90Fun sub-brand.

If you think that Xiaomi products are never enough and every day you are anxious to know what’s new about the Asian giant. Today we present an article with the characteristic seal of the company: quality, innovation and competitive price. This time we are talking about the new Xiaomi 90Fun suitcase with a fingerprint sensor of the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform under the 90Fun sub-brand. Although the brand is characterized by having multiple suitcases among its immense catalog, the protagonist of this news arrives prepared for any situation and with a much more impenetrable security than you will see in any other.

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Xiaomi 90Fun suitcase With Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi 90Fun Suitcase With Fingerprint Sensor: Design and Features

The suitcase comes in three colors to choose from depending on the taste of users: green, black and yellow. Each model has a dazzling finish because they are made of a shiny plastic material. Plus, this has a new system of a metal frame that functions as a frame inside the suitcase. The fingerprint sensor is a last-class safety lock, but as an extra, the materials will prevent at all costs some type of infringement.

Xiaomi 90Fun suitcase With Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi has thought of travelers who do not need to carry excessively large luggage. Therefore, this specific suitcase is only 20 inches. It has an ideal compartment to carry all the necessary clothes and accessories. These, in turn, thanks to two support bands that we will find inside can offer more security. It also has a high-quality handle that is accompanied by wheels of great strength and durability.

Xiaomi 90Fun suitcase With Fingerprint Sensor

The new suitcase of Xiaomi has a cost of $ 125 (€ 106 to change). Surely you may be thinking that this price is not the lowest in the market. However, it is necessary to take into account all the characteristics that result in an insurmountable level of security.


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