Xiaomi presents a new suitcase: Xiaomi 90 ICONIC, a super resistant suitcase to travel wherever you want

We know technology is the center of attention for almost everyone since it is something that is part of our day to day life, however, it is good to take a pattern to rediscover, create moments and live unique and unrepeatable experiences. That’s why Xiaomi has presented a suitcase that will be of great help to achieve this, the Xiaomi 90 ICONIC, the new super-resistant suitcase with which we can travel and live unique adventures.

The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, is profiled once again to be part of our adventures, since it offers us a particular range of products that will allow us to travel wherever we want without any inconvenience, among this great range we can mention the most recent of the company as it arrives under another of its sub-brands, the Xiaomi 90 ICONIC, a metal suitcase super resistant to all kinds of bumps or scratches to travel without worrying if our belongings will arrive with good to our next destination.

The Xiaomi 90 ICONIC is the winner of the IF Design 2017 award

Xiaomi 90 ICONIC

The suitcase was presented under the name ICONIC as it is a successor of a suitcase under the same sub-brand of Xiaomi, a suitcase that has won an award for its design in the IF Design 2017, is made with high quality materials, from the handles to the wheels this suitcase is made to be extremely resistant at the moment that we need it most.

The Xiaomi 90 ICONIC is available in two different sizes of 20 inches and 24 inches, a few perfect sizes to be able to carry inside everything you need.

This suitcase comes in two variations of colors, gold, and silver, classic unisex colors that are practical when choosing a suitcase that is as elegant as it is versatile. The price is $448.94 (€384), it is expected to soon be available in online stores such as Gearbest.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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