Buy The Xiaomi Yeelight 8 in 1 Smart Bath Heater Offered For $189.99(Coupon)

Xiaomi some days ago announced a new product under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The product comes from Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Yeelight and is listed as Yeelight Smart Yuba. Xiaomi is a company that is well known for creating all kinds of products, and many of these are originally presented in the collective financing platform that this company has called Youpin. Among these products is the new Yeelight Smart Yuba 8-in-1 lamp. This new product comes from the Xiaomi ecological chain, Yeelight, which is mainly responsible for launching products for the home, such as lamps or ecological bulbs.

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Yeelight Smart Yuba, a lamp one of a kind

The Yeelight SMart Yuba is an 8-in-1 smart light meant for the bathroom which is mounted on the ceiling. The light comes with LED bulbs and is also embedded with a powerful Japanese Nidec motor which can deliver air through the vents. The motor has a speed of up to 1500rpm and the air volume can get as high as 240m3/h which will heat up the bathroom in just 15 minutes. The yuba can provide both hot or cool air depending on the weather situation. In cold conditions, the Yuba will require just 3 minutes to warm up the room to 15 ° C. For heating, the device uses high-quality ceramic heating sheets with 47 pieces of rear curved blades and a 165mm wind wheel. There are also several multi-wing centrifugal air vents at the front. The automatic movement of the air vents can be adjusted to three speeds.

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In addition, the oscillatory motor comes with a working life of over 15,000 hours while there is a 24V low voltage control onboard for safety. Apart from that, the Yeelight Smart Yuba comes with several smart functions such as support for MIJIA app control, XiaoAI voice control through simple prompts like “Open Yuba”. In the rainy season, the Yeelight Yuba can be used to dry clothes.  In summer, hot air in the bathroom can be evacuated in seconds by the smart Yuba and make the bathroom comfortable. Talking of the light, the brightness can be adjusted according to your needs just by sliding the adjuster on the app via a smartphone. The Yeelight Smart Yuba also comes with a wall-mounted control panel.

The new Yeelight Smart Yuba 8 in 1 has come to the market

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Main Features:

  • Material: ABS and aluminum alloy
  • Yeelight smart bath, using Nidec powerful electric motor from Japan, gives the bath heater a stronger core.
  • Use high-quality ceramic heating film, the bathroom will heat up 15 Deg. C in 3 minutes.
  • The brightness of the light is adjustable. Professional soft light does not hurt eyes.
  • Mobile APP supports remote control. Open bath heater in advance.
  • Bluetooth remote control turned into a wall switch, just a light paste. Eight function buttons at your fingertips, eliminating the trouble of installing wiring. The remote control can be removed separately.
  • 10 heavy safety protection to ensure safety.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi the 8-in-1 Yeelight Smart Yuba light

The Xiaomi the 8-in-1 Yeelight Smart Yuba light On banggood for $189.99 using Coupon Code below

Coupon code ($189.99): Wholesale20 or BGYLYB01YL

Coupon 1 ($199.00): YEESMART08 on Gearbest




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