Acquire the fabulous Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P for just $37.91 and protect your vehicle [+ Coupon]

Today we bring you a special offer from the online store, Cafago. This is a device that little by little has become more popular all over the world, becoming even mandatory in some places. Be it for our safety, the vehicle’s safety or in case of accidents, the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P is the ideal camera to keep everything that happens in your vehicle under control. Join us to discover why this gadget is so useful and necessary, in addition to taking advantage of this unique deal.

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P – The best protection while driving

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P is a small cylindrical camera with dimensions of 9.10 x 5.20 x 3.15cm and a weight of 69.7 grams. On the front is the camera lens, while on the left side there is an LED indicator that will show the recording status, plus an input for a microphone that will serve, among other things, for voice commands. The construction of the device is in plastic and is only available in black.

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P front

As for the way of adhesion to the vehicle, this is by means of an electrostatic support, which guarantees that even in extreme heat conditions, it won’t fall. In addition, as if it were the rearview mirror, the support can be adjusted to many different angles.

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P bracket


The first thing to highlight is its power. It has an MSC 8323 processor that allows it to record even at resolutions of 1920 x 1080p. The lens of the camera has a 130° viewing angle, which ensures that it captures everything that happens when driving. Thanks to the fact that the different sensor lenses are made up of 7 layers, they can better capture the lighting, reduce the reflection and achieve sharper images. The only reprehensible detail is that the internal memory is only 512MB, so it is necessary to use a micro SD card (up to a maximum of 64GB) to record for long periods.

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P

Thanks to the built-in microphone, it can be controlled by voice commands, so you can capture photos and videos (with audio) with just giving the order, or control the wireless functions of the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P.

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P Voice control

Thanks to a G-force sensor, the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P is able to start recording in case of accidents, so you do not have to manually activate it (of course, this function is adjustable). As if this were not enough, you can control the camera by using the Smartphones APP.

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P is, as we mentioned previously, with a special offer in Cafago, so you can purchase it at only $37.91 until June 9, but only if you apply the following coupon code: LT0044. We will leave you the purchase links so you can order it. Do not miss this unique opportunity.



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