Xiaomi 700Bike With Transformation Option and a Minimalist Design Announced

Xiaomi and its ecological chain companies design products for all spheres and for everyone. There are even smart products for babies. Although the number of such products is not impressive. The most noteworthy models are the Xiaomi Miaomiaoce Digital Baby Thermometer, Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools, and a couple of other gadgets. Today, one of Xiaomi’s partner companies, Hao Technology (700Bike) announced a new bike designed for babies from 1 to 3 years. The Xiaomi 700Bike is priced at 358 yuan ().

Xiaomi 700Bike

That’s not a secret learning to ride a cycle is very important for the baby’s growth process, as it helps not only to improve the physical of the baby but also it assists in maintaining a good balance and enhance his physical coordination. The Xiaomi 700Bike should be very useful because it comes with a versatile design that made the much-popular German IF Design to give a regular award to this bike.

The Xiaomi 700Bike is equipped with thick wheels. The biggest innovation of this bike is the ability to transform to a two-wheel bike by combining the back two tires. The switching is done quite easily. It only takes 10 seconds to change the bicycle type.

Xiaomi 700Bike

Moreover, the Xiaomi 700Bike fully considers the different needs of baby’s physical development at each stage. Say, it comes with a customizable headrest handlebar that has two levels and it can be adjusted at various angles. At the same time, the seat cushion can be adjusted in multiple positions.

The entire body is made of a strong, resilient odorless and non-toxic plastic, while the skeleton is made of metal. The Xiaomi 700Bike comes with a patented two-self locking mechanism that provides a minimal impact to the body of the baby if there is an accident

The wheels are equipped with industrial-grade high-speed bearings that are smooth and silky. They are also closed to prevent any kinds of accidental clamping. In total, there are up to 8 kinds of security features.

Like other Xiaomi bikes, the Xiaomi 700Bike can be easily dismantled. There are three color options to choose from – yellow, blue, and pink. This is the first Chinese baby bike with a minimalist design and transformation option.


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