Pick up the Xiaomi 70 Minutes Car Dashboard Camera For $31.99

Xiaomi launched the 70 Minutes Car DVR Camera as its 118th MIJIA crowdfunding product last year. The gadget was well received especially due to its unique design and a decent price tag of 189Yuan ($28). Well, the good news is that you can now buy the smart Xiaomi 70 Minutes Car DVR Camera from online retailer GearBest for just $31.99. This is almost similar to the price it launched in China. So. do you want to find out more? Read on.

Xiaomi 70 Minutes Car DVR Camera is equipped with a powerful Sony IMX323 image sensor which supports 1080p video recording and would deliver pictures with vivid clarity. The camera also comes with a 130 ° wide angle lens which can cover up to three lanes. The gadget comes with a conical shape with the camera located on the side of the cone. The camera itself has a spherical lens made wholly of glass with 7 layer coating which enhances the light transmission, reduces reflection and prevent the glass from cracking from extremely high temperatures.Xiaomi 70 Minutes Car DVR Camera

The 70 Minutes Dashcam also comes with a rotating bracket which lets users rotate the tilt angle to that which soothes the glass angulation of the car. The dashcam also features voice support and can be controlled using voice prompt. The voice is said to have been tested using different persons in order to ensure that it recognizes different accents. The camera power button is located at one end of the dash camera and is surrounded by light. The light indicator comes in three different colors; blue, green and red. The blue color indicates the device has been switched on and the green blinks when the camera is recording. The red color is indicative of an abnormal recording session.Xiaomi 70 minutes Car DVR Camera

The Smart Dashcam gets its power supply from the car’s cigarette lighter and has support for WiFi. the Wi-Fi enables the dashcam to connect to a smartphone and this allows for real-time viewing of the camera shooting session.

The Xiaomi 70 Minutes Dash cam is presently available for just $31.99 on GearBest. It should be noted that the stock is limited. So, if you are interested in keeping track of what happens on your daily commute, get one now using the buy button below.


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