Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro – Launch price of 299 yuan ($44)

No one is surprised that Xiaomi launches an air purifier on the market. In fact, it has a line of household purifiers quite popular, and also, for some time has been presenting purifiers for cars. The protagonist of today belongs to this last category. The Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro is a professional in its task, plus it has a price of only 299 yuan (about $44).

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Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro – Details

Its appearance is modern with a round design where an aluminum ring stands out. In addition, it is an improved version of an existing purifier, so it offers newness in many aspects. One of its features is highlighted in its name because “70-Meter” means that it has an effective range of up to 70 meters. In this way, you can purify the air of any car, regardless of its size.

Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro

According to the manufacturer, in addition to its efficiency, its effectiveness time is also high because it can purify the air of a standard car in only 3.3 minutes (CADR up to 52m3/h). Additionally, it comes with a very quiet centrifugal fan (does not exceed 5 dB) that manages to increase the air expulsion by 15%.

To put it into operation, it is necessary to plug it into a USB port inside the car. The modern cars come with integrated ports but you can also use a USB socket of a charger connected to the lighter. The consumption is very small, only 1W, while inside it has a filter type E & HH11.

Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro

The Xiaomi 70-Meter Car Air Purifier Pro can be controlled by a dedicated app on a smartphone via a wireless connection. Thanks to this you can know and control the operation of the device in an intelligent way, make adjustments, check the air condition in real time and receive filter change reminders.

Source – Gizchina

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