Xiaomi 6-Outlet Power Strip Unboxing

 On June 8, Xiaomi released two multi-position power strips, namely the Mijia Six-outlet Power Strip (aka Xiaomi 6-outlet Power Strip), priced at 49 yuan ($7.61) and the Mijia eight- outlet Power Strip (aka Xiaomi 8-outlet Power Strip), priced at 59 yuan. Both models are officially sold. We are going to take a look at the former model. Its enhanced variant with 3 USB charging hubs is available at $23.53 on GearBest, by the way.

Xiaomi 6-outlet power strip

Xiaomi 6-Outlet Power Strip

In the kitchen and living room, there are a lot of electrical appliances that are used frequently. So the general power strips may be not sufficient. And most of our readers may need to add more. The Xiaomi 6-outlet power strip has enough openings to meet the power needs of multiple kitchen appliances. It would not be a case of multiple plug-in boards that would make the living room cluttered.

The Xiaomi 6-outlet power strip is jointly developed and produced by Xiaomi and its eco-chain company named Qingmi Technology. It comes in white and equipped with double-acting protection doors to avoid accidental electric shock and foreign objects falling. There are non-slip foot pads at the bottom, which can be more firmly placed on the table. It is fabricated using high-quality materials, customizing the core components and optimizing the structure. That’s why it is 50% smaller than the common strips. It uses a minimalistic design and in accordance with the requirement of home decoration, it uses the same production process as the other Xiaomi power strips.

At the same time, it uses a non-mark injection molding, which gives it a delicate and concise appearance. The up and side surfaces are fabricated with different processes to give it a befitting and solid looks. It uses grind frosting processing on the top surface that can prevent scratches effectively. The side mirror polishing is used to blend with the surrounding environment. A high-quality Tin phosphor bronze was used as the internal structure material. With good elasticity, strong electrical conductivity, and high wear resistance. It comes with a unique mini strip close to a capsize which makes you wall looks clean and tidy.

Moreover, it has an overload protection function, which automatically cuts off the power supply when there is a danger of overload, effectively avoiding accidental fire and short circuit in the kitchen. After troubleshooting, press the switch again to resume normal operation.

In the internal structure, the new national standard 1mm2 wire rod is used. Plus, the core IC integrated circuit technology, as well as the copper belt integration technology, are used. There are multiple security protections provided to avoid the risk of false connection, heat generation, and fire.

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