Xiaomi 52 Folding Changeable Programming Ape Toy Offered For Just $25.99(Coupon)

The Xiaomi 52Toys Deformation Toy is designed in an ape shape, plus many elements that programmers can understand, and some interesting accessories. The original intention of the design is to bless the programmer to no longer encounter BUG. It can also be a great gift for kids to activate their brain and hands-on ability with changeable shapes.

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This is an amazing toy for children that would not only create much fun for them but also activate their brain and hands-on ability with changeable shapes. The programming ape toy adopts bionic joint technology to make the deformation easier and the shoulder spherical joint is 360 degrees moveable so that the deformation is smooth and the shape is vivid. The programming ape is equipped with 13 movable joints, you can pose it as a gorilla or DIY more interesting poses by yourself. This would create a wider variety of method to have fun, activate your brain and hands-on ability. This toy seems like a giant, but it can be folded into a compact and easily hold in hand. Portable to carry everywhere no matter in the form of Ape or in the shape of a cube.

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The “DEBUG” on the chest means troubleshooting the program. The “hello word” above the fist is the basic entry programming language.  This is an ideal gift for children, friends, or adults. Also can be a special decoration for your house. It comes in a personalized storage box, designed with a translucent display window

Where To Buy The Xiaomi 52 Folding Changeable Programming Ape

The Xiaomi 52 Folding Changeable Programming Ape currently available on Gearbest for just $25.99 using the coupon code: GB$TH25XYF. Depending on your location and choice of shipping, the toy would be delivered for free.



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