Why Doesn’t Xiaomi Launch a 4K Laser TV?

Xiaomi is still selling a 1080P laser TV, priced at $1699.99. As you should know, the current 4K laser TVs are priced too high.  Their price range varies from $2000 to $7000 and higher. Therefore, it can be said that the price of the Wemax One laser projector has no advantage.

When Xiaomi released the laser TV last year, it also made the concept of ‘light source brightness’. In fact, the brightness of the Xiaomi laser TV did not reach the 5000 lumens, and even the measured ANSI brightness was only 1000 lumens. At present, the mainstream laser TVs measure ANSI brightness in more than 2000 ANSI lumens.

However, if you watch it at night, the projected 100-inch screens with more than 1000 ANSI lumens brightness are also suitable for general household use. With the advantages of the Xiaomi system, the comprehensive product competitiveness is good. But when comparing it with selected products on the market, seems it has no chances to win the race.

So why doesn’t Xiaomi launch a 4K laser TV? Actually, there are two reasons:

First of all, the Xiaomi 1080p laser TV has not been sold out yet, and there is an inventory pressure. So for now, pushing a 4K laser TV will obviously mean reducing the price of the 1080P laser TV. As the current 4K laser TVs are priced around $2000, and the Xiaomi 4K laser TV comes at this price, it will not let the 1080P version sell at all. If the Xiaomi 4K laser TV comes at a higher price of around $3000-4000 or more, it won’t be competitive and no one will get their hands on it.

Another reason is that Xiaomi has no ecological chain and no own laser TV factory. The products are basically produced by its sub-brands, such as Mijia, WEMAX, etc. Xiaomi only puts its system inside and controls the production process. So there is not much room for price control. At present, the price of laser TV has been overdrawn, and even many products are sold at a low price. But Xiaomi still has no way to fight hard. After all, the Xiaomi ecological chain can’t rely on the Xiaomi Group to transfuse blood, and many laser TV brands have venture capital.


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