Xiaomi VIOMI 3D Heating Steaming Baking/Microwave Machine Offered For $473.35(Coupon)

The Xiaomi VIOMI 3D Heating Steaming Baking/Microwave Machine was announced weeks ago. The microwave comes with lots of special features just like must Xiaomi product does. It features fast cooking just like fast charging embedded in must smartphone, so if you current Microwave takes forever to get your food ready, then the Xiaomi Baking/Microwave Machine would be a very good option. Let’s get to see all the amazing features of this device.

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The Xiaomi VIOMI 3D Heating Steaming Baking/Microwave combines the functions of a vaporizer and a traditional oven with a nominal power of 2100W. The Xiaomi steam cooking machine combines the highest temperature with the pure steam cooking mode, which is 115 degrees Celsius, while in the roasting mode the temperature can reach 230 degrees Celsius. The perfect combination for any kind of food preparation.

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It comes with a discreet water tank that supports up to 1.3 liters, which allows steaming for 1 hour without there being the need to add more water. On the other hand, it is capable of heating any type of food evenly thanks to its three-dimensional 360-degree hot air convection heating. The cooking at high temperatures is accompanied by a hydration with steam, so that the food will be well prepared and, in addition to all that, this new Xiaomi microwave has 50 classic baking recipes, so users will be able to select the desired dishes through the control panel.

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It also has an intelligent pre-programmed cooking mode and a timer that allows users to perfectly prepare delicious dishes at a professional level. Its capacity of 28 liters ensures that you can prepare meals for a family of up to five people. Talking about is production material, it is fabricated from Food-grade 304 stainless steel liner with high corrosion resistance, this would ensure you rock your microwave without rust.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi VIOMI 3D Heating Steaming Baking/Microwave

The Xiaomi VIOMI 3D Heating Steaming Baking/ Microwave is currently available on Gearbest for $473.35 using the Coupon Code 6X0811KZBL and it comes with a free shipping option depending on your destination and choice of shipping.



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