Xiaomi 300ml Tea Water Separation Vacuum Flask Offered For $24.54: Excellent For Users Who Love Afternoons Tea

As a company, Xiaomi breaks standards steadily and is not afraid to venture into all kinds of markets. From clothes, sporting goods, and even products for the home, the Chinese company offers us this and much more, without leaving aside its quality standard and giving its distinctive touch to each of its deliveries that characterizes it in the market. Days ago, Xiaomi presented the Youpin tea vacuum flask under its crowdfunding platform, which will be the favorite product for tea-loving users. Let’s get to meet the device

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This is not the first product of Youpin, on numerous occasions, it has taken products that go related to the lifestyle, for example, a few weeks ago it was announced the Xiaomi Youpin Smart Flower Pot Monitor, a smart pot that will provide a daily monitoring of the plant that you want to plant in it. Another item for the home is the Xiaomi Youpin VH, a novel fan, which with its compact design will allow refreshing any area that requires it without occupying as much space as conventional fans.

The Youpin tea vacuum flask allows one to prepare tea right inside

Youpin tea vacuum flask

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The vacuum flask has two parts, the first has a capacity of 300ml,  where you can pour hot water and can preserve its temperature thanks to its design, while the second compartment is a transparent tank in which you can place the infusions to make tea. Both join with just turning the compartments, so you’ll have a vacuum flask for tea perfect for any occasion you want to take it.

Youpin tea vacuum flask

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Thanks to your meter we can be aware of how much tea we have left in the vacuum flask, without a doubt a great detail from the company. The Youpin tea vacuum flask is made of high strength materials and is suitable for human consumption, that is why they used ABS plastic and metals that are perfectly safe when used by humans, it should be noted that these materials were previously tested and subjected to rigorous tests.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi 300ml Tea Water Separation Vacuum Flask

The Xiaomi 300ml Tea Water Separation Vacuum Flask is currently available on Gearbest For Just $24.54 and comes with a free shipping option.



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