Xiaomi 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router For Only $207.61

The world today is very much computerized and it is pertinent for every home to be a smart home. Most of us desire to ensure that every part of our home is connected to the internet to create a perfect smart home but the server in the house is usually not enough to cover the entire house and that is where a wireless router comes in. Xiaomi has a couple of good routers which will give you a fairly good network boost such as the Xiaomi Mi Router WiFi 3 which is currently selling for only $36.85 and the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A currently on sale for $28.99. However, the Xioami 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router is a complete beast and its features triple those of the Mi Router 3 and 3A.  This HD router comes with four external antennas to ensure that there is no blind spot in your home.

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router is designed with a new alloy material and it has a dimension of 19.50 x 20.83 x 6.60 cm weighing only 1.5kg. Since this is not an equipment which will be moved often, its weight does not really matter. It comes with a blue working indicator light and generally, this HD router can help you create an art household environment.

Hardware & Performance

The previous Mi WiFi 3 router has succeeded to win hearts of many users. Thanks to a list of demanded features it was widely used for various purposes. The Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3 comes with four dual-band supporting antennas; it supports up to 126 device connections; 128GB of ROM; data speed of 1167Mbps; Mi App support; offline functions; seven layers of security and so on. Thus we are dealing with one of the best products in this niche. Moreover, it is priced at around $37 that makes it one of the best options in the market. Now imagine all the features are doubled.

The Xiaomi 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router HD is another god-class product, it comes with four antennas supporting a simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks, and it can reach 2600Mbps data speed. It comes with WiFi 802.11ac wireless connectivity for more reliable streaming in your home computers and mobile devices, high-pass IPQ8084 processor, built-in hard drive at 1TB and 8TB storage (1TB / 64MB cache or 8TB / 256MB cache). Unfortunately, the price tag is higher than the others – at 1TB we all expected a higher price but I guess the Xiaomi Mi Router HD will find its customers. Just like the other versions, it comes with  Xiaomi Mi WiFi App support thus you can manage your network settings easily.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router

The Xiaomi 2600Mbps 1TB Wireless Router is currently available on Gearbest for $207.61. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for free.



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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