Xiaomi 20-inch Metal Travel Suitcase with Universal Wheel now available for $257.95

The Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase proves to be an indispensable companion for long tours and business trips. It features a unique design, flexible storage that breaks all normal suitcase structures.

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

Details of Xiaomi 90 Go 20-inch metal suitcase:

  • Model: 90172STMTUN1720
  • Size: 551 x 383 x 203mm
  • Volume: 31L
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Material: 100% polyester, 100% aluminum alloy – magnesiumXiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

Why need to own Xiaomi 90FUN 20inch Travel Suitcase

Typical travelling suitcases has a quite scrawny structure, and they quickly become degraded after a period of use, causing inconveniences to the users. Coming from a reputable brand 90FUN, the Xiaomi metal suitcase leads in the field of backpacks, bags and accessories. And its evident from its unique design, solid structure, intelligent compartment layout, to satisfy even the most fastidious customers.

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

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Unique design, flexible movement and storage

The Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase comes in a dimension of  551 x 383 x 203 mm size, which is equivalent to 20 inches and weighs about 4.2kg. This provides an entirely flexible and convenient way to store and use it during trips and while moving. Its completely new and unique design with its sturdy metal frame and horizontal stripe structure combined with rounded design provides its impact resistance, and reduced shock efficiency.

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

Flexible storage space, smart compartment arrangement

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

The first thing everyone notices before buying any travelling suitcase is its arrangement of containers.  The 90 Fun Xiaomi metal suitcase comes pre-divided into two large compartments with a  quite spacious 31L area. The corners of the latest Xiaomi suitcase are thoroughly used, creating the most optimal storage space. It also features an adjustable Y-shaped wire cloth which is arranged inside to help fix, tighten clothes, increase storage capacity, and keep the original arrangement position, avoid messing with your things.

High quality materials, complete processing, high durability

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

As I have already mentioned the Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase is made of 100% magnesium alloy used in aerospace, car manufacturing and electronics industry. This metal brings its high durability, creates a solid frame for the suitcase, but also reduces the weight of the suitcase, making it more convenient to move for the users. Every corner of the Xiaomi metal suitcase comes covered with strong alloy, anti-impact, four anti-wear beads and are arranged in a way to help create a distance to avoid collisions with the exposed face, reducing friction, causing scratches. Rugged construction with fixed hinges, 84 high brightness rivets brings an excellent connection to joints hold, thus creating a stable and non-deforming casing when subjected to strong external forces.

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Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

The inner lining of the xiaomi 90 metal suitcase is machined from 100% soft polyester fiber, which helps it protect your valuables and clothes stored inside — avoiding scratches or wrinkles in the process of moving away. In the insides of the xiaomi mi 90 points metal suitcase, you can find its metal zippers which ensure smooth, easy to open and create a better, more flexible sealed storage space. It comes combined with metal chassis with good elastic TPE cushions, rubber cushion wheels, for damping, noise reduction, smooth and smooth movement.

Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

The Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase handle is manufactured from aluminium alloy, high-strength silicon coated, rugged, and smooth between the high slot. It also supports four different height levels, which provide the users more flexibility, and comfortable adjusting to their stature and height. It is firmly arranged, fits in the palm, supports many different ways of moving in all cases, reducing pressure and avoiding hand fatigue, especially when the baggage is too heavy or cannot be carried.

It is password locked, high security

The Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase features nothing less than top quality encryption keys TSA to help protect the luggage and property of the users. To avoid the case of locking, or difficult to adjust the number of password manufacturers has handled the beveling of password gears for more convenient and smooth dialing

.Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase

How to buy Xiaomi 20-inch metal suitcase?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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