Xiao AI – Meet the New Xiaomi’s Voice Assistant

As part of the presentation of the Xiaomi AI Mini Speaker in July 2017, the Chinese giant had previously mentioned that it would include a feature that could be the solution to the linguistic and cultural barriers in virtual assistants. It was called Xiao AI, and now it can be seen integrated into the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, with the promise of offering the same features offered by its competitors.

The most possible is that this assistant has a great success in China since, unlike the others that are in the market, this is entirely based on the Chinese language.

Xiaoai - Xiao AI, The AI Voice Assistant of Xiaomi

In a span of only eight months, the Xiao AI has been consulted 1,100 million times, being used about 11 million times a day and issuing different commands for intelligent devices about 310,000 times. Thanks to this, the Xiaomi AI Mini Speaker has quickly become the focus of a smart home, due to all the features it can offer the user.

What will the new Xiao AI offer us?

Through a video published by Xiaomi, the company shows us the potential offered by its voice assistant Xiao AI, who in a certain sense has an air to the assistant launched by Google, thus emulating the color bars when receiving the commands. With this small device, you can do several things: you can interrogate Xiao AI to know about the weather, ask about traffic conditions, ask him to remember dates and appointments, as well as give us the latest news.

In addition to all that, we will be able to control a series of household appliances launched by Xiaomi, as well as the Mi TV, the Mi TV Box, the My Robot Vacuum, the air purifiers, the different pots or the induction plate, the RGB bulbs and much more, simply with a voice command.

Finally, through accessories such as the Mi Smart Plug and the Mi Smart Power Strip, devices without intelligent functionality will be controlled through the AI ??Mini Speaker or a smartphone that has the Xiao AI assistant. Unfortunately, availability and functionality are relegated to China, but Xiaomi recently signed a partnership with Microsoft to introduce the Xiaomi AI Mini Speaker to overseas markets worldwide, so we’ll still have to wait a bit to see this voice assistant.


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