Xiao Ai now in the automotive market with Baic and Faw Car Co. Ltd

Xiaomi has made many important investments in recent years, one of the most emblematic has been artificial intelligence, which is already included in many of their phones. For the development of its assistant Xiao AI, Xiaomi has a team of 1,000 people, who are dedicated to developing the various applications of their IA.

XIao AI: entry into the automobile field

A few years ago there were various rumors about the existence of a car built by Xiaomi, Lei Jun and his employees have repeatedly reiterated that the Chinese company has not developed or built any intelligent car, although the above is True, Xiaomi recently partnered with the Baic group. Exclusively to implement in their vehicles the gadgets of Xiaomi with Xiao AI.Xiao AI cars

On November 16, Xiaomi reached an agreement with Faw Car Co. Ltd (“First Automobile Works”) better known as the largest automaker in China. The agreement was based on the integration of Xiao Ai Tongxue assistant in the vehicles produced by the company. Cui Baoqiu, vice president of the artificial intelligence department of Xiaomi, was present at the ceremony that ratified this agreement.

Xiao AI: your collaboration with Faw Car Co. Ltd

According to what was said at the ceremony, Xiaomi will collaborate with Faw to carry out the development of a system that allows greater privacy between the user and the car. This system will be based on Xiao Ai, which will allow cars to offer the user a better driving experience in general. At this time Xiao AI has become popular in Xiaomi smartphones and products belonging to the Mi Home market, which is why these agreements are expected to accelerate its expansion.Xiao AI automotor

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