XGIMI N20 Projector Review: Performance Parameters Functional Specifications

As an upgraded version of the H2, the XGIMI N20 projector has been slightly adjusted in appearance, reducing the size of the measurements to 17.3 * 20.6 * 12.6cm, which is more compact. The brightness has been greatly increased to 3000 lumens, and the resolution is still 1080P.

XGIMI N20 Specifications:


Package Content:

XGIMI N20 projector x1
Power cord x1
Power adapter x1
Manual & Warranty Card x1
BluetoothTM Remote X1

The appearance design of the N20 is actually very close to the Z5 and H2Slim. The square appearance, the lines are tough, but there is no extra decoration, which is suitable for matching with elegant furniture. As an Internet projector, its configuration is basically sufficient, whether it is watching video, listening to music, or running various APPs, there will be no obvious stall.


In addition to HDMi, USB, and 3.5mm headphone jacks, it is also equipped with network cables and optical fiber audio interfaces. It can be used as a TV set, set-top box, game console, and even audio amplifier.


XGIMI N20 Interface

The mid-to-high end N20 physical resolution in XGIMI’s product line is 1080P, which is the standard level of today’s Internet projectors. With rectangular pixel arrangement, the actual imaging fineness is quite good. For a projector, brightness is its most important parameter. Under the condition of sufficient resolution, brightness can most directly improve the look and feel. Generally speaking, lumens is the most commonly used brightness unit in a projector. It stands for So-called luminous flux. The most commonly used ANSI lumens in the world. The principle of this American standard is to test the brightness at 9 specific locations and then take the average value. The obtained value is also more informative.


XGIMI N20 Lens

The brightness parameter of XGIMI N20 on XGIMI’s official website is only 3000 lumens, which is not an ANSI standard. On the other hand, the value refers to the brightness of the light source, not the brightness obtained by the projection. It is 1 to 2 levels brighter than the Z6 in the look and feel. Brighter pictures can see more details. It is not easy to feel tired after watching for a long time.

Brighter pictures have a better look and feel, and larger pictures have a stronger impact. So what size screen can it cast and how much space is suitable for it? The projection ratio of N20 is 1.2: 1. For example, if you place it at a distance of 1.2 meters from the wall or curtain, you can get a one-meter wide picture. According to the 16: 9 picture ratio conversion, which is the 45-inch TV Picture! By analogy, a distance of 1.7 meters can project a 65-inch picture. If you want to enjoy a large 100-inch screen at home, you need to place the N20 at a distance of 2.7 meters from the wall or curtain! This may be the lowest cost way for renters in the big cities to enjoy the largest screen at home.


As for sound, although the N20 uses Harman Kardon speakers, don’t expect too much from this built-in speaker. The limited cavity space and cost inhibit its performance, especially the bass part. It’s mediocre! If you have higher requirements for sound, we recommend connecting wireless speakers, or using a higher quality audio system through optical fiber!


After a period of development, XGIMI has become very mature in terms of content. From the original use of mango tv resources to the joint efforts of multiple content providing platforms today, there should be basically some film and television resources. More importantly, the N20 integrated system brings together the film and television resources of major platforms, breaking the dimension wall of platforms such as encent, highlighting the content itself in the system recommendation, and weakening the specific platform. Click The video you want to watch jumps directly to the video, which can save the user’s operating costs.

Application interface

As an Internet projector, the XGIMI N20 has a good interpretation of its Internet attributes at the content level, and also shows the attitude it should have as a mid-to-high-end Internet projector at the hardware level. If you are a family of rental houses working in big cities and want to choose between a projector and a TV, our suggestion is more on the projector side. First, the small form of the projector not only saves space but also facilitates handling. Second, the size of the picture is changed according to the projection distance, and the cost is much lower than that of a large-screen TV.

Where to buy XGIMI N20 Projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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