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[Coupon Deal] XGIMI Mogo Pro: 1080P Portable Projector For Just $519.99

The XGIMI Mogo Pro Projector is the first model of its kind to ship Android TV. The Google operating system opens the way for the Google Play Store and its countless streaming applications.

Coupon Code: BG121MGP

Image result for banggood logo>Buy XGIMI Mogo Pro 1080P Portable Projector For Just $519.99


The case is that it is a device that measures only 146x105x94mm and only weighs 900 grams. And in that small bottle integrates an entire projector capable of projecting Full HD content at 1080p. It also integrates Android TV, so it is much easier to play our streaming content anywhere.


The XGIMI Mogo Pro has two powerful Harman / Kardon speakers that make listening to music in the highest quality possible. Streaming easily from your smartphone or tablet is done in no time via the built-in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Listening to your Spotify playlist through the speaker is also a piece of cake, wherever you are. In addition to numerous options, you can of course also choose to connect a device of your choice via the built-in HDMI connection. Your laptop, game console or camera can be effortlessly connected to the projector so that you can enjoy it anywhere on a large screen.

The MoGo Pro can project images with a diameter of up to 65 inches, this means a diameter of 165 centimeters. The MoGo Pro is immediately ready for use. Focusing and correcting the image is done fully automatically thanks to the auto-keystone and the auto-focus function and is done in seconds. It is also possible to operate smarthome devices via Google Assistant, for example, you control your curtains or lighting with your voice. MoGo Pro uses the official Android TV 9.0, works with the Google Play Store.

Where To Buy

XGIMI Mogo Pro 1080P Portable Projector is now available on Banggood for just $519.99 using a Coupon Code: BG121MGP. Click the following button for order now:

Coupon Code: BG121MGP

Image result for banggood logo>Buy XGIMI Mogo Pro 1080P Portable Projector For Just $519.99


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