X2T True Wireless Earbuds Review ( Budget Bluetooth Earbuds under 24$)

Now a days every other smartphone company is getting rid of the headphone jack and switching to either wireless audio like what apple did with Air Pods or to USB type c based headsets.

And that’s why today I am going to show you an affordable wireless ear buds which has a very good build quality as well as its sounds good too and you know what the best thing is, it will just cost you around 24 USD which is roughly equal to 1500 INR.

So now with that been said, let’s start.

X2T True Wireless Earbuds Review (Highly Recommended)

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Now let’s do a quick unboxing of the product. The very first thing that you will get is the wireless ear buds itself which has a very ergonomic design, along with that you get the charging base through which you can charge the ear buds and it has a capacity of 1500 MAH which is really insane. Inside the box you also get the different sized ear tips along with a USB cable of decent quality and a soft carry pouch.



  • Build & Design

Now let’s talk about its build and design, The X2T are designed to be lightweight, and that they are. As they are ear buds and not full on headphones, they are nice and portable, the ear buds has a glossy finish and it looks quite premium, knowing the fact that it’s made up of plastic but still it’s quite solid. Talking about its comfortability they sit in your ear nice and comfortably, of course if they aren’t comfortable in your ear, then you should try a different ear tip. In a usage of 10 days I found that it sits on your ear quite nicely and did not fall easily and for that a big thumbs up because if the ear buds are not tight enough then I there is no point in buying it.

As these are wireless ear buds it’s pretty obvious that it will have a charging   dock too. The charging base which is supplied in the box is very light weight and well designed. It has a capacity of 1500 MAH which means it can charge your ear buds 9 times when it’s fully charged as each ear buds has a capacity of 85 MAH.

So I don’t think you will be running out of the juice anytime soon. The battery performance of these ear buds are also quite good, with a continuous usage it can last for about 4 to 4.30 hours and that is acceptable if you take a look over other wireless ear buds that comes under same price range.

The way these ear buds get charged is kind of cool there are inbuilt magnets inside the ear buds which will automatically get attached to the charging base, you just have to put it over the charging base.


  • Sound Quality

As I mentioned earlier these are just affordable Bluetooth ear buds but it doesn’t compromise with the sound quality and at the same time don’t expect it to sound like a 100 $ ear buds, although the sound quality is just decent, the mids are good but if you increase the volume to maximum the sound get distorted at a point. These are some of the best affordable Bluetooth ear buds around. Not just because of how small they are, how great they look and how long the battery last, although those are all great features of the X2T.


One of the best thing that I like about these ear buds is that you can use either one of them at a time and power off the other one to save the battery. Both of them can be connect individually VIA Bluetooth and it supports Bluetooth 4.2. The wireless range is about 15m for one ear bud and 10m for both which is nice. I have tested these ear buds with my Amazfit watch, with my daily driver oneplus 3t and with my laptop and it turns out the connectivity is very good and it get connected very easily.

It also has a button over the ear bud to control different functions like you can click once to play or pause your music, this can also be used to answer calls, additionally you can press the button twice to change the music.


  • Final Thoughts

So my final thoughts regarding these ear buds is that if you are looking for a pair of wireless ear buds to take out running or to the gym, then these might be a right choice as these are not too expensive, and you can buy one for yourself from “” as the X2T is retailing for around 24 USD. The sound quality here is pretty decent, especially for a pair of Bluetooth headphones and the connectivity is also good.




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