WOWSTICK 1F Electric Screwdriver Review[29% off now]

The All-in-One Screwdriver for Effortless Screwing!

The electric screwdriver from Xiaomi is the perfect tool for those who like easier way instead of going through manual labor and also for older people with muscle pain. If you are in a condition like “to buy or not to buy”, we are going to describe specifications of this screwdriver and give the best wowstick 1F electric screwdriver review to help you decide.

WOWSTICK 1F Electric Screwdriver Review

The common worry with a regular screwdriver is that the screwdriver alone is not always enough because of working with different types of screws. So, it’s not unusual to have two or more screwdrivers for your works. An easier way to get rid of this problem is having the Wowstick 1F electric screwdriver.

Structure and Design

Firstly, the screwdriver is electric and have a high-quality aluminum body which is rust-resistant. It is sized like a pen. The screwdriver is made of all-metal and so is durable.

It has a matte finish in what they called the space grey color and the rough finish definitely helps in the grip. Because of this excellent grip, the screwdriver is comfortable to grip and it doesn’t go out of your hand control. It has a simple, classic but memorable design.

At one end, there is space to put the bit and at the other end, there is a micro USB port for charging the battery, next to a tiny LED which indicates when the battery is full.

Build-in LED Light

So that you can work in a dark environment, it has 3 shadowless LED light to illuminate the dark area. The lights, situated at the front, mostly focus on the screw which you will screw or unscrew. It is handy when you don’t want to hold a flashlight explicitly.


The screwdriver has a built-in 280mAh lithium-ion battery. As we all know lithium-ion batteries have this advantage of discharging slowly. It takes only 40 min to charge fully and you can do non-load working for 2 hours. The charger comes in the box of the screwdriver.

Dual mode of Operation

It includes double power mode, manual and automatic operation design which ensures work efficiency and flexibility on various occasions. According to your advantage, you can use the screwdriver manually by moving your hand as conventional screwdrivers do.

WOWSTICK 1F Electric Screwdriver Review

Again, you can use the facility of the automatic operation mode and let the driver do its job. You can do both also which means you will have your options.

The screwdriver can handle all small to mid-size screws in all sorts of devices. It can be especially useful (automatic mode) when it comes to chipboards and circuits where it’s not easy to twist your hand for like a gazillion screws.

If you ever come across a very stubborn crew, you can give it an extra helping hand manually and then let the automatic mode do the rest for you.

Automatic mode to Screw

When working in automatic mode, to move the screwdriver, you need to press the black button on the stick. Depending on the side of the button you press, it will rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. In this way, you can screw and unscrew easily without any manual labor. To control the key, one thumb is enough. The rotation speed is 200 rpm and can’t be altered.

This automatic mode runs on a motor. The motor supplies 0.15 N-m of torque and manually it can handle a torque of 3 N-m which is actually quite a decent amount for such a small size screwdriver.

Additional bits

The wowstick electric screwdriver has an amazing feature which makes it quite unique. You now don’t have to worry about finding another screwdriver in your toolbox if you need one. This special screwdriver is all in one device.

The driver comes with an additional number of steel bits of S2 steel material.  These total 56 extra bits come in 3 boxes, 20 bits in 2 boxes each and 16 in 1 box. And, honestly speaking, you wouldn’t know that most of them even existed.

Moreover, you will be amazed by the details of the bits. Each of the bits has its standard international denomination engraved on it. It should be mentioned that four of these bits are double the length to reach into tighter spaces.

There is a magnetic connector between the screwdriver handle and steel bit.

Magnetic case

It has a portable magnetic case which is actually similar to a sunglasses box. You can hold two sets of bits which you can place in there with or without the cases for quick access.

You can put the accessories into the case which is easy to store and carry. For using the included carrying case you must remove the bit from the screwdriver; otherwise, It simply will not fit.

The screwdriver kit contains-

The wowstick 1F electric screwdriver comes in a well-arranged box. The box includes-

  • 1 x Electric Screwdriver,
  • 1 x Storage Box,
  • 56 x Steel Bit,
  • 1 x Base,
  • 1 x Magnetic Positioning Plate,
  • 1 x Suction Cup,
  • 1 x Degaussing,
  • 1 x Triangular Disassembler

This is a screwdriver which is mainly designed to work with small, detailed screws.

What we didn’t like

This Xiaomi wowstick is not as strong as a conventional cordless screwdriver. The screwdriver is not so efficient for working with large screws or doing heavy household works. Under moderate torque, the screwdriver struggles a little bit and also the light dims.

Summing up

The Wowstick electric screwdriver does it perfectly what it’s designed to do. It is specially designed for repairing cell phones, tablets, glasses, drones, hard disks or other small electric appliances; not for the large ones. And, we can assure that with that angle, this screwdriver is just perfect for its efficiency. You should definitely have one.

The final decision is yours and yours only based on your work criteria. We only tried to help by giving this Wowstick Electric screwdriver review, giving a small hand in your decision whether to buy it or not. We wish you luck.


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