Why Laser TVs Pricing Won’t Drop In The Nearest Future?

Some people think that the sales of laser TV have been difficult to break through because of the price issue. Indeed, the price of laser TV is a big factor, but it is not the decisive factor. At present, the 1080P micro projectors have a price of less than 4,000 yuan ($600), which can provide a large screen experience. For these projectors, the lamp life is not strong, but you can replace them for a few hundred dollars.

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We should state the way the projectors are used doesn’t allow these category products to be tempted by the vast majority of users. Moreover, they can’t be used perfectly for the whole day. There is another ‘problem’ related to the projectors. If the projector itself does not have a system, you also need to configure a separate screen output device.

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On the other hand, for many people whose work and life pressures are increasing, the role of display devices, especially large screen display devices, is not a necessity. It can be experienced at night or on weekends. So the budget should not be too high and the installation should not be too much trouble. Therefore, the buyers of traditional high-end home projectors have always been ‘local tyrants.’

With the launch of laser TVs, many problems disappeared. Now they provide way longer lamp life and provide high brightness and smart system. When it comes to installation, we can compare it with the air-conditioning products. Air-conditioning is first and foremost a necessity. Secondly, there are no particularly mature alternatives. The case of the laser TV is different. First of all, this is not a necessity. Secondly, its alternatives are price-competitive, feature-rich, and mature. So how do the laser TVs compete?



Many consumers have always had psychological expectations for the consumption budget of large-screen display devices. The budget for entry-level users is basically at the level of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan ($450 – $750), while the medium and high-end products are basically maintained at the level of 5,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan ($750 – $1050). After 10,000 yuan ($1500), the number of purchasing groups will be greatly reduced.

Currently, the price of laser TV is basically more than 10,000 yuan. As long as this price is maintained, laser TVs will not be able to have a real sales breakthrough. However, from the perspective of the industrial scale, the laser TV industry does not have the ability to quickly cut prices. If you want to cut prices significantly, you have to reduce some hardware costs, which is a harm to the user experience. Therefore, the price war is not realistic for the laser TV industry.

In other words, even if the laser TV really cuts the price to 5,000 yuan, it may happen not earlier than two or three years. By that time, the output of the 10.5-generation panel production line will be released on a large scale, and the price of the 65-inch LCD TV may drop to less than 3,000 yuan. At this time, the competitive pressure faced by laser TV is as great.



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