Why GM60 Projector is Comparatively better than other Low Cost Projectors ?

There was a time when projectors were too much expensive that a normal person could just dream of buying them. But, today they are in the range of everyone. The credit goes to Chinese manufacturers who provide some best projectors on the planet for an affordable price. The goal for us (Xiaomi Today) is to enlighten you with the best low cost led projector available in the market, which is far more exceeding than the already analyzed Unic UC40. The topic under today’s discussion is the new GM60 projector, the best option for testing a budget friendly projector in home or office.

GM60 projector design

The GM60 projector has some acceptable features for a pretty tight price. The highlighted aspects about this projector are:

  • 1,000 lumens LED brightness
  • contrast ratio 1,000: 1
  • color reproduction up to 16.7K
  • keystone correction
  • Built-in HiFi speakers

GM60 Projector and it’s Modern Design

Apart from the old, classical and rectangular design of the projectors like the Unic UC40, the new GM60 projector seems to break the trend by introducing a stunning new look. That appearance which suits with the modern technology.  Excelvan has developed a projector that turns away from the rounded forms and lacking personality projectors, by a more angular design and ABS plastic which mimics the brushed aluminum. As you can see in the picture, it has a very small steps to a product of these characteristics , being smaller than the Uc40.

GM60 projector dimensions

The physical dimensions are 18.8 cm x 14.6 cm x 5.4 cm having a weight of 1 kg (nearly of a laptop). Unlike the new projectors it has no slides, no curves and no traditional look. But the question is that how far GM60 projector meets the needs of a projector?

It has a height adjustment screw. At its base has threaded holes for brackets projectors or even using a photographic tripod
It has a height adjustment screw. At its base has threaded holes for brackets projectors or even using a photographic tripod

The features highlights that GM60 Projector is an overall success

To be specific with our audience, GM60 integrates some advanced and improved features which the other low-end projectors lacks. First is the big limitation and it’s own native resolution. Like all other low cost projectors it has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels but the good thing is that it also supports 1080P resolution. The projection can be increased to a size of 30-130 inches from a distance of 1 to 4 meters.

Sample 1
Sample 2
sample 3

Looking at the brightness of the LED bulb, it’s somewhat mediocre. Neither more nor the less. It has a limited brightness of 1000 lumens, more than the Unic projocters (800 lumens). Sadly, we miss the shine like the Led-86 + with 4500 lumens. At certain times of the projection as dark or high-contrast images remain somewhat short. To fix this, we must try to have the completely dark room and do not exceed recommended distances projection (1 to 4 meters).

It has a height adjustment screw. At its base has threaded holes for brackets projectors or even using a photographic tripod
It has a height adjustment screw. At its base has threaded holes for brackets projectors or even using a photographic tripod

But, we have not mentioned this projector to discuss it’s cons only. The pros overcomes the cons. The point about this projector we liked was that it has the world’s leading audio codecs known as AC3 (Dolby Digital). Thus, GM60 is currently the only low cost projector which comprises this codec.

Unboxing the new GM60
Unboxing the new GM60

Moving to the connectivity aspect, GM60 projector has a large number of connections available. On the left is the 3.5mm audio jack, an AV connector, 2X USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, HiFi speaker and the HDMI port. Thus, all the connections are available on one side of the projector. On the right side is the focus adjustment lever and the Keystone correction to correct deformities of the image up to 15 degrees. The back includes an infrared receiver for the remote control that includes the projector GM60, and a VGA port. Finally, the top includes basic controls for if we lose control between the couch cushions, and LED.

GM60 projector ports

As usual, the projector has it’s own multimedia software with intuitive menus. It has a built-in sound system with a remarkable power. In short, the projector is portable, fully independent of external sources and the best thing is that it is under $100 USD.

Technical Specs of GM60 Projector:

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Price and Availability:

Gratefully, this projector is among the popular ones and most sold on the online stores. So, we can buy it from Gearbest for nearly $82 USD.



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