Who wants to Buy Meizu Note 9 (4 + 64GB) for only 159.99$?

Design & Appearance

Meizu M9 Note’s box, pure white minimalist packaging, the front only has a blue background M9 Note words, people can not help but think of the “blue.

The front of Meizu M9 Note adopts the popular water drop screen design. The screen size is 6.2 inches, 3.1mm narrow frame, and the screen ratio is 89.23%. If there is no accident, the forehead “water drop” should be the smallest “water drop” in the thousand yuan machine. It is. Of course, this is also a hard work pays off, Meizu’s effort in this “water drop” is far beyond the level of a thousand yuan phone, Meizu 16 with the smallest front camera sensor, an extra cost of more than 8 Million yuan, only to customize a 3mm ultra narrow “water droplets”.

Normal price 249.99
Promotional price 159.99

Click here to buy Meizu Note 9 for only 159.99$

The “water drop” further reduces the foreign body sensation it brings, and it is easier to immerse it in the screen content when using it, which also directly improves the positive perception of Meizu M9 Note. The chin of Meizu M9 Note is also worthy of praise in the thousand yuan machine. At the top of Meizu M9 Note, there is only one noise canceling microphone. The bottom of Meizu M9 Note is 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, Type-C interface, and speaker. On the right side of the phone are the power button and the Home button. On the right side of the phone, there is only one SIM card slot.

Meizu M9 Note supports dual Nano-SIM cards and does not support extended memory cards. The back of Meizu M9 Note. Meizu M9 Note’s frame and back are not made of glass, which makes it feel a little bad, easy to accumulate, lack of some quality. But thanks to this, its weight control is relatively good, only 169g, this weight is called clear current in the market, very suitable for one-handed operation. Meizu M9 Note’s back dual camera and rear fingerprint recognition. It is worth mentioning that Meizu M9 Note comes standard with an 18W fast charge, which is very affordable for users.

Hardware & Performance

If there is a chip that dominates in 2018, then it is undoubtedly the Snapdragon 660. Whether it is the 2000+ domestic flagship or the thousand-yuan god machine below 999, you can see the figure of the Snapdragon 660. To the chicken, you can brush Taobao smoothly. It is just like the predecessor snapdragon 625, leaving the name of “One Generation God U”.

But as described by Andy Beer’s Law: Software will eat up the performance of hardware in 18 months, the so-called “What Andy (pre-CEO) gives, Bill (former Microsoft CEO) takes away”, Snapdragon 660 Also entered the end of the product life, and the successor given by Qualcomm is Snapdragon 675.

In 2019, mobile phone manufacturers finally ushered in the large-scale shipment of the Snapdragon 675. Meizu M9 Note domestically launched the Xiaolong 675 processor, what is the difference between it and the Snapdragon 660?

It can be seen that there are two biggest differences between the two, one is the CPU architecture, the Snapdragon 675 uses Qualcomm’s latest Kryo 460 architecture, and the same model as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Kryo400. The second is that the Snapdragon 675 uses the Samsung 11nm process and has a slight upgrade on the process.

So where is the Snapdragon 675 better than the 660?

The first part is the CPU part. From the GeekBench running point, the Snapdragon 675 single-core running score is 785 points higher than the Snapdragon 660, up 48%; and the multi-core running score is 180 points higher than the Snapdragon 660, increasing by 3%.

You can see that the CPU single-core running of the Snapdragon 675 is crushed by the Snapdragon 660. The strength of Qualcomm’s exclusive Kryo 460 CPU architecture + 2 A76 cores is evident.

Followed by the GPU part, from the GFXBench running points, the Snapdragon 675’s four test items in GFXBench are not much different than the Snapdragon 660.

From the CPU and GPU two running points comparison can clearly see that compared to the Snapdragon 660, the Snapdragon 675 is the CPU part, which is the most obvious impact on the daily use of the APP. Lifting can significantly reduce the stuttering phenomenon.

In addition, although the GPU is not much improved, the CPU is also a reliable plus item for mobile games. Tencent’s intention to propose multi-thread optimization technology to optimize game performance can be seen as the importance of CPU to the game.

Charging test

As a thousand yuan machine, Meizu M9 Note comes standard with an 18W fast charge, very conscience, under the 18W fast charge blessing, Meizu M9 Note charging speed is quite brilliant.

Link WiFi, no card, interest screen charging.

Here, starting from 7%, the screen is charged with a screen, and 40 minutes is charged with 49% of the power. The performance is excellent, and the time is 100 minutes full, exceeding the average level of the thousand yuan phone.


Meizu M9 Note’s rear camera is equipped with a very popular 48 Megapixel camera this year – Samsung GM1, the module has 48MP ultra-high pixels, 1/2-inch large photosensitive area, through pixel four-in-one technology, The 12MP photos that output 1.6?m large pixels take advantage of the outsole sensor.

At present, there are two 48 Megapixel sensors on the market, Samsung GM1, and Sony IMX586. The difference between the two is detailed in the Red Rice Note 7 evaluation before the fast technology, so I won’t go into details here. Let’s see the proofs directly.

48MP Samples

There are many disadvantages to the imaging of 48 Megapixels, so many manufacturers buried the 48 Megapixel function deeper, Meizu is no exception, Meizu M9 Note’s 48 million pixel function needs to open the professional mode, manually open in the top function bar. Here I use the default mode to compare the same scene sample with the 48MP modes.

This is the file size of two proofs, which can be seen very intuitively. The sample size in the 48MP mode is about 4 times that of the default mode. This extra MB is the amount of information.

This is the contrast of the two proofs after partial enlargement, it can be clearly seen that the part in the right 48 Megapixel mode is more clear, and the resolving power is suppressed.

Night Samples

First of all, the conclusion is that the nighttime level of Meizu M9 Note is not quite like the level of a thousand yuan machine. Its night scene performance greatly exceeds the author’s expectation. The brightness of the night proofs has exceeded the sensitivity range of the human eye in many cases. The direct performance is that the night scene is very bright, but because of this adjustment, the white balance of the night scene is slightly distorted, and the contrast is insufficient in some scenes. The above scene is an extremely dark environment. Except for the backlit signboard, the rest of the place is almost dark. You can see that after opening the super night scene mode, the background of doors and windows, buildings, etc., and many details of the dark parts are changed from invisible to invisible. As you can see, the effect is quite obvious.

The processor has eight cores. It is common to use APP without a card. The battery can be used in one day. The appearance can be seen on the line. The photo scan code is OK. The price is cheap. The thousand yuan machine must be accompanied by compromises and defects here or there.

As for the performance, the strength of the Snapdragon 675 is obvious to all, Play Games 30 frames full frame, due to the setting cannot test the maximum number of frames of 40 frames, but for now, it does bear the slogan of eating chicken does not card. The traditional strengths of the Note series, such as battery life and charging, do not need to be rumored. Heavy use of the day without stress, standard 18W fast charge is also a compliment.

Taking pictures is one of the biggest surprises brought by Meizu M9 Note. The 48 Megapixel resolution is perfect. The super night scene mode makes the limit dark light no longer a night shot taboo. It is stable during the day and bright at night. It has exceeded the thousand yuan machine. The average photo level.

Normal price 249.99
Promotional price 159.99

Click here to buy Meizu Note 9 for only 159.99$


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