5 Cool Tricks Everyone Should know about WhatsApp

Whatsapp a must application present in everyone’s smart phone. India has the largest consumer base of whatsapp , so this is quite noticeable that a larger number of youth is using whatsapp. But yet everyone is just aware about the basic features of whatsapp.

But why do we make such a simple utilization of whatsapp? When you can make an explicit use of it?

There are some crazy tricks every whatsapp user should be aware of.  These tricks will enable you to make a smart use of whatsapp. Now daily use of this application will be even better. You can download WhatsApp now on your device and enjoy these features on your android device right now. Hey, wait! Do know about this amazing vShare app?You should check it out 🙂

Let me tell you 5 good tricks of using whatsapp

  • Setting Pop- up notification –

Now a user can set up his pop- up notification also. All you have to do is go to settings – notification- pop up. Now you can decide when you want these popups.

Always or only when the screen is on, you can even reply from the pop ups.  So this makes easier for you to reply.

Many users are not aware of that they can set their pop- up notifications. Some of them wanna get rid of it but are unable to do it because they do not know about this trick. So now I guess this trick will help you to set your pop- up messages as per as your wish.


  • Sneak peek-

Now a user can have a preview of his messages. Wow! Doesn’t it sound great? A preview of your messages? What do we have to exactly do for it?

Well whatsapp enables a 3D touch in the application itself. An Iphone of 6s can touch the thread of the chat and have a preview of the chat.

You can even mute, archive and you can even make the chat as unread.  Now you need not worry about replying to the messages immediately, you can always make them as unread.

You can even mute the conversations of unwanted group chats. And you can decide the time duration of this mute.


  • Manage the data usage on whatsapp call-

Are you one of those chit chatter who likes to talk and speak their heart out on calls? Well if this is so then I guess you are making a complete good usage of whatsapp calls. As they are free for whatsapp users. Now you do not have to hesitate before making an call, about your low balance.

You can even make calls even when your balance is completely zero. All you need is a good internet connection. But when you are on whatsapp call, you are eating up your internet package. Internet package data is very important for users who function without WIfi.

So how do you save your whatsapp data? Well many of the users are un aware about the fact that they can even manage their whatsapp data of calls, how?

Go to your settings – chat and calls- and then switch to low data usage for calls.

Same thing can be done by the Iphone users as well. Now you do not have to worry of your data being wasted!


  • Custom tones –

Well this trick will be very useful for people! Everyone has that one special person for whom they always make time to reply. But how do they know, that the particular person has messaged them? For that they have to check their whatsapp messages every now and then and end up reading something what they do not want too! And they eventually even change their last seen for nothing. How do you avoid this? Or if not this scenario then I am sure everyone has that one group in the list of their whatsapp groups which they do not want to chat with but cannot even exit the group? Well and they end up checking their chat messages thinking it is someone else’s message. Because every time the message ringtone sounds the same.

So now you can get rid of this by following one simple trick and you can differentiate and customize your message tone settings for every participant and only react to the ones you want to hear.

All you need to do is go to the contact info of the particular person of whatsapp and then choose the custom notification and now you can select different ringtone for that person .

And if you are using an android phone then you can even customize this setting by choosing the vibrate option with duration as well as notification light.


  • Add events in your calendar from your messages –

This trick is only restricted for Iphone users. In case you are an Iphone user as well as using whatsapp , then you may not know but you can set an alarm or a reminder for yourself as and when you are chatting. How? Well you have to just follow this simple trick, you have to just put in the proper spelling word like’ Tomorrow’ and whatsapp will detect it for you and then you have to tap it for creating and event and then it will be directly set as a reminder for you.

A user can even use some specific dates and then whatsapp will detect it for you and then you can tap on them as well and then create a event. Now you cannot make excuses of not remembering about the event as you can make it a reminder as and when you are chatting.

Wow! So chances of you skipping any important event or deadline, but do not forget that this trick is not only limited for Iphone users and android users have to wait for this update.


This was all about the 5 incredible whatsapp tricks that one should know, make smart use of this application and save some essential resources of yours like time and energy.

These tricks enable a user to make an explicit use of this application. I hope the article was informative for all the readers.


Argam Artashyan

Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.

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