WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Facebook is a social media platform which is one of the most popular websites in the world of the Internet. Millions of people using this platform on a daily basis for various reasons such as promoting your business, networking or conversing with your friends. If you are a frequent user of the Facebook, you might have experienced the temptations of hacking into someone’s account to record the personal information of the target person. You can also look at ‘Top 9 hack Facebook inbox tips and tricks for spooky minds’.

The most recent trend has been of Facebook stealing your private information and selling it to brands in the form of ads. After acquiring Whatsapp, the algorithm of Facebook has improved and been recording private conversations to sell it to big budget brands inform of ads.

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In recent news, the trend of #DeleteFacebook has been on a high, and it’s because of Cambridge Analytica Backlash.


Today is the fourth day since the news came out and now, even Whatsapp Founder has tweeted to #DeleteFacebook. It has not only decreased the share price by 9% but also wiped out almost $50 Billion from its valuation.

The whole fiasco is about an unofficial agreement that was signed between Global Research Foundation and Facebook in 2011 to provide data of 50 million profiles by the former to Cambridge Analytica.

The scandal is yet to be made public, which would happen after a proper investigation by FTC in United Status.  The scandal has attracted further criticism on the part of no public statement by any of the Facebook top management personnel.

The campaign #DeleteFacebook has gathered support from publishers after a thorough guide on how to delete an account and also how Facebook has been using personal data to sell ads. The fallout has intensified after several big names such as Damian Collins, Brian Acton, and many more accused Mark Zuckerberg of selling information to the third party over an unofficial agreement and prior request from its users.

The trend of complaints from users has risen from mid-2017’s where the users complained of talking about a brand/thing in a private conversation and then, seeing an ad of the same on their wall/messenger.


We know that Facebook has given us an opportunity to connect with individuals from anywhere in the world, to state our opinions, and so much more. It now has more cons than pros about the opportunity. The complaints of users have been reported by Facebook anonymously, leading to a temporary suspension of the user account. We have to say that we are not impressed by the doings of Facebook, and it has to stop soon for the trend #DeleteFacebook to stop. It might just continue from the user end even after solving the fiasco.



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