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What to Do If Instagram Is Moving Slowly on Your Xiaomi

Everybody experiences problems when running apps on their smartphones. Some apps crash, some apps glitch, some may even stop working at crucial moments when you’re trying to use them. We have all been there and we have all tried to figure out how to make them run smoothly again.

The most popular apps nowadays are the social media ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Each one of these apps is being used on a daily basis by millions and millions of people and they sometimes crash or stop working for no apparent reason. Instagram, for example, is known to crash on Xiaomi phones. This makes it very hard to grow your Instagram. However, there could be a few reasons behind this and that does not mean it is the phone’s fault.

Reasons why your Instagram app stops working on your Xiaomi phone

First of all, you need to know that Xiaomi is a smartphone that is running the Android mobile operating system. Before you consider that the specs of the phone are at fault, you need to first think about the operating system. Maybe the fault is with it when it tries to run the app.

Secondly, take in the account your Internet connection and how many apps you are running in the background when the app stops working. Overwhelming your phone’s processor and RAM memory could also be one of many reasons why the app is playing tricks on you. Using Instagram Tools might also contribute to these failures.

Lastly, do not forget that Instagram is an online app that requires a stable Internet connection. Also, keep in mind that the app runs on servers that, from time to time, need to be restarted or they simply fail to function properly. The most common reason for that is the fact that the app is used by too many people at once.

Ways to solve this problem

There is a number of things you could do to overcome this. The following list might help you when you run into these sorts of situations:

  1. Clear your cache. Cache is where all the data accumulated from using your app is stored. This could slow down or even block your app so you should clear it from time to time. You can do this by going into settings > apps > clear cache.
  1. Reboot your phone and close all background apps that eat up your RAM memory. You could also delete and reinstall the app but this might not always solve the problem.
    1. Check your wi-fi connection and if that is stable, maybe the servers of the app are down and try to wait until they come back up.
  1. Try and uninstall all the Instagram tools you are using and see if the app runs better without them. They might be the ones that slow it down.

Always take into account all these factors before you think your phone is bad. Most of the time, the problems arise from the software and not the hardware.


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