The Xiaomi Action Camera is an affordable, high-quality, lightweight and easily portable camera that can fulfill both shooting and editing needs all while you’re on the road. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, firmly believed that high-quality technology didn’t have to cost a fortune, and this camera is an ideal product of that belief.

Here are 7 things to know about this travel-sized innovation in photography and videography.

1. 30FPS / 4K

At 30 frames per second and 4K resolution, the Xiaomi Action Camera can easily satisfy your creative needs whether you’re snapping poignant shots of scenery, capturing every trace of emotion in a portrait, or creating cinema-quality films.

The level of detail in your shots will impress not only friends and family, but peers in professional photography. This camera is an upgrade from the previous 2k version and the difference is breathtaking. There are numerous comparison videos online from satisfied customers if you’d like to see the difference for yourself before you buy.

2. Wide-Angle 145 Degrees Shots

Considering your average wide-angle lens is classified as such when it reaches an angle of view between 64 and 84 degrees, the fact that the Xiaomi Action Camera has a 145-degree wide angle lens is astonishing!

You can capture stunning images with such a lens without sacrificing quality or worrying about timed rotating captures like with panoramas. This feature makes this the ideal travel camera for those who will want to take all kinds of landscapes or cityscapes.

Such photos are great for using as part of your portfolio, to show that you can be very creative when it comes to the execution of photography. Of course, this has to be coupled with good use of photography wordpress themes.

3. Various Shooting Modes

The Xiaomi Action Camera offers a total of 9 shooting modes, so you’re all but guaranteed to find something that will perfectly suit your situation.

Time-Lapse Mode (Photo or Video): This mode will allow you to take a series of photos over a long stretch of time to make slow environmental changes more viewable. Once the time lapse is complete, you can play back the photo series and see things like plant growth, sunrises, and travel activities in a matter of seconds! For this reason, Time-Lapse Mode is extremely popular for montages and nature documentaries. You can use this setting either in Photo mode or Video mode.

Slow-Motion Mode: This mode is self-explanatory. As opposed to Time-Lapse Mode, which speeds up time, Slow-Motion takes a single moment and slows it down exponentially. You can see every minute detail of an action with this mode, and with the 30FPS/4K resolution feature, you can count on a crystal clear image and won’t miss a single thing!

Exposure Delay Mode: If you’re going to be setting the camera on a tripod or have it shooting in situations where it may be subjected to shaking, Exposure Delay Mode will help retain sharp images despite any external agitation. This is helpful in a wide variety of situations, and it can’t hurt to have this mode on whenever you don’t have the camera physically in hand or can’t otherwise ensure its stability. It can even help improve your selfie game!

High-Speed Burst Mode: Burst Mode has a huge variety of applications, from portraiture to high-speed action shots and everything in between. With this mode, the camera will take a series of pictures in rapid succession, capturing stills of every individual frame of movement so that you can either find the exact perfect image for a portrait or see each minute detail of an action. For example, using Burst mode during an Olympic event will show you even the tiniest change in an athlete’s muscle movement and how they use their own bodies to achieve remarkable new heights.

Loop Recording Mode: This mode will allow for continuous recording where if you manage to run out of memory and storage space, you will automatically begin recording over the oldest clips. This can be especially useful for dash cams.

The remaining modes are your standard photo, video, photo + video (where the camera will periodically take stills during a video), and timer (where you can set a timer before the camera actually snaps the shot).


Electronic Image Stabilization is an absolute necessity if you’re going to be needing to shoot at low shutter speeds. For example, if you won’t have sufficient light for higher shutter speeds, image stabilization will significantly improve your image quality. 6-Axis EIS refers to the camera’s 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, which make for crisp, clear images in almost any environment.

5. 90 Minutes of Battery Life

The high-capacity lithium battery used in the Xiaomi Action Camera allows for approximately 90 minutes of 30FPS/4K or 120 minutes of 60FPS/1080P, and you can add a Mi Power Bank to extend your camera’s life for several more hours between charges. The recommended 10000mAh Mi Power Bank is less than $25 on Amazon, and can give you an additional 6 to 8 hours of battery life depending on your shooting needs.

6. Weight

The Xiaomi Action Camera is remarkably lightweight at only 99g (about 0.22lbs), perfect for easy travel. You could strap it into a holder or attachment and carry it on your person to capture your personal travels or easily angle the device to get the perfect shot, no matter your own position. Larger cameras can make it difficult to really get that dynamic angle you’re looking for, but this small, lightweight device makes it a piece of cake!

7. Connectivity

There is an app available for the Xiaomi Action Camera, and the device itself has built-in Wifi and Bluetooth so that you can easily connect to your phone. From the user-friendly app, you can easily select and edit photos at your leisure, which makes it easy to continue working on your creations while the camera itself charges.



The Xiaomi Action Camera is currently available for $135 + shipping and tax on Amazon, which is an incredible value considering the image and video quality, modes and settings, and additional features the product provides!

Wrapping Up

If you’re going on a trip, wanting to document memorable events, or even just looking for a new high-quality camera for other personal uses, the Xiaomi Action Camera is a wonderful and shockingly inexpensive option with a variety of features to make your life easier. You won’t regret bringing this camera with you wherever you go, so you can shoot cinema-quality video and take professional-grade pictures whenever the situation calls for it!






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