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What is Jiofi and How to change Jiofi Password?

Reliance Jiofi has consistently dominated the data card segment. In a research report, it was reported on Friday that Reliance Jiofi had a market share of 73% in the first quarter of 2018. This is followed by the location of Huawei and Alcatel. Huawei and Alcatel collectively hold 24% of the market share.

According to a report by CyberMedia Research (CMR), Reliance Retail’s import was 24 percent lower than the previous quarter; Huawei’s imports increased nine percent, due to the increase in imports of E-3372 H-607 and E-5573C-609.

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The Reliance Retail Jiofi model JMR 541 data card market share is at the top with 49%.

Who does not know about Reliance Jio today, the person running every internet today is well aware of this device Launched by Jio, it is quite popular that lets you create a Wi-Fi zone and with its help With the same Jio number, you can use Internet in your entire family and you can take it outside the home and you can also use the internet by creating a Wi-Fi zone with your friends.

Jiofi is a small device which helps us in creating a Wi-Fi zone with Jio SIM which allows us to use the Internet with our family and friends from the same Jio numbers. Its special thing in 4g Speed ??is that you can take it in your pocket and you will find it on any Reliance Digital Store.

How to Use Jiofi

First of all, you have to buy online and offline Jiofi from any Reliance Digital Store. After that, it is important to have a SIM card for you to use it. To use Jiofi first you have to insert the Jiofi Sim in your Jiofi and then press the Power Button for a while and your Jiofi will be open. Now you Jio fi login how do you know that the network in your Jiofi has come, it is very easy to know. You will see three options on Jiofi that look like your Jiofi Battery, Network, Wi-Fi.

If your Jiofi Battery burns in blue then your Jiofi Battery is full if Battery burns in green then Battery is Normal and if Battery burns in red then Battery Low is exactly the same for Process Network and Wi-Fi is also.

Then inserted your Jiofi SIM card and the network has also arrived in Jiofi, now Next Process is to connect Jiofi with your mobile so that you can access the internet via Jiofi. You can connect Jiofi to Mobile in the same way you do your Friends Wi-Fi Connect.

How to Change Password

When you click on Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, it will scan your Jiofi and click on it, he will ask you for the password of Jiofi. To know how to know the password, you have to open your Jiofi and take out its battery you will get the Jiofi Password below it.

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Jiofi Password Change

It is very easy to change the password of Jiofi, for this you have to login to this link Http: //Jiofi.Local.Html/ with your Username and Password. You may have been wondering if Username, Password will be found. Then follow the steps below for our Steps.

Step: 1 Your Jiofi Details   

First of all, you need to open the battery of Jiofi and remove its battery, you will find Username, Password. Here you will find all the details of Jiofi.

Step: 2 Open URL and Login

Now open the URL and login with your Username, Password. After Jiofi login, you will open the home page of the Jiofi device.

Step: 3 Click On Setting

Now, to change password, click on Setting on Wi-Fi and click on it, then you will come across many options.

Step: 4 Create New Password

To change password, you need to type backspace and type your new password and click on apply and click OK. After that, your device will restart and after that, your new password will be set, and from here you can also set the rest of your device.



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