GOOGLE I/O 2018: Conferences For Developers With Many Announces!

Android P, Wear OS, Smart Home, Chrome Os, and many of the Google Sotware updates will be annunced in this event.


There are only a few days to start this great event where you can participate in the experience of 3 full days of the most impressive advances in Google software. Artificial intelligence, Android P, Material Design, and Wear OS, are just some of the things you’ll find in this amazing Google I/O.

Many are the rumors that circulate in social networks, press, and videos about what we will find in Google I/O, but we think it is worth saying that many of them are fake. Although the truth is that we would love them all to come true. However, we have compiled all the official information and we are going with this summary of which we hope that Google I/O will bring for this year 2018.

The event will begin on May 8 and continue until May 10. In these 3 days, you will be able to find out about all the advances through talks and conferences that will be taking place. The first one in California at the “Shoreline Amphitheatre”. As in previous years, we will have the presence of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of the company, who will lead this great event. We are already anxious to tell you what is Google bring us this year.

GOOGLE I/O 2018: Stream the Super Google Conference now

As has become tradition, Google will hold the main event, a recount of everything that has happened in the last year in relation to platforms such as Android, Assistant or Chrome OS. Then start with the sessions of each platform individually. In the activity schedule published by Google, we can see some important conferences and sessions that will be held during the three days:

  • What’s new in Android Wear.
  • What’s new in Android apps for ChromeOS.
  • Android instant apps: how developers find success.
  • Designing Actions for Google Assistant on smart screens.
  • Do not let your application drain your users’ battery.
  • Integrate your Smart Home devices with Google Assistant.

These are just some of the activities that will be carried out in this year’s Google I/O. What is certain is that the company will once again celebrate one more year taking this event for developers to the top. In which great innovations will be part of Google services in the coming months. Including Android, as usual.

We are all waiting for the new version of Android, the mobile operating system that we want Google to announce. And yes, the American company will give us more details of Android P, the next evolution of Android Oreo. As already the previous version was released in March to the developers. Therefore, it is expected that in this event a second beta version will be announced. Which will surely have advanced notifications, applications capable of working with augmented reality and an improved fingerprint sensor.

GOOGLE I/O 2018 will give us more details of Android P

Likewise, according to the Spanish media Xataca, Google will announce a new Android design, called Material Design 2. We hope that this version has more prominence in terms of colors and focus in applications such as Google Play and Google Search. In addition to also announce a new device that can run Android TV, which we can expect to be very similar to Chromecast. This new equipment will count, according to The Verge, with a remote control and will come with the complete Google TV interface.

And although nothing is confirmed yet, in the previous “Keynote” we could meet Google Lens, Android O, Android GO, Daydream and other updates to products and applications such as Google Assistant or Photos. So this year the expectations of users remain quite high and we would not be surprised if the first update of Wear OS, the operating system destined for bodily devices based on Android, will be announced.

If we rely on the content of the conferences we can conclude that this is what should not be missing in the Google I/O:

  • Android P: Definitely the Google I / O could not be carried out without the presentation of an upcoming Android operating system.
  • Artificial Intelligence: In recent years, Google is focusing on the design of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so this year we can not expect anything else.
  • Google Assistant and Google Home: In Google I/O 2016, two years ago, the first Google Home design was announced, and since then there has been no update. So in this opportunity, some modifications are expected, either in the Hardware or in the Software with improvements in the Google Assistant.
  • Applications in general: Google Photos, News, and the designs of many Google apps are changing since a few months. So, there will surely be some announcements about this in this year’s Google I/O conference.
  • Wear OS: As we know Google has not yet released an actual update for their watches. Therefore, we can assume that this opportunity will do so.

An unavoidable reality is that Google will bring many news, so we will stay tuned to learn about everything new. Whether it came to advances in artificial intelligence and new features on platforms like Google Home and Google Play that we can learn about new features on Google Photos, like the image recognition software.

We invite you to stay connected to learn more about Google I/O. Check the official schedule to catch your favorite conferences. And you can also find all the sessions on the official I/O 2018 page or see the live stream on the Google Developers YouTube channel. The event start since May 8 at 10 am local time, until May 10 at the “Shoreline Amphitheatre” in California.


The GOOGLE I / O 2018 came many new features as we expect, including the new operating system Android P. Which entered the beta phase and provides among other things new features, greater stability and numerous improvements in terms of performance with the participation of Xiaomi in the Android P Develover Preview program. So the company offers the opportunity to use the latest version of the operating system in its Mi Mix 2S.

And is that GOOGLE I/O 2018 has come more loaded than ever with news to raise the bar in the Google ecosystem. Although artificial intelligence has caused great impact in this event, it is clear that at the moment we do not have a digital assistant to tell us about everything that happened at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. But we bring to you the most complete summary.

Android Things 1.0

In addition to announcing its new Android P operating system, now Google has Android Things 1.0, which is to become official as the Android version designed for IoT and is compatible with many hardware platforms. However, we must remember that this is not a definitive version of the software so we can see other features and updates later on.

Google Photo

On the other hand, we found the Google photo application that shows that artificial intelligence and machine learning have a lot to offer us. Thus, the new version of Google photos comes with a button to improve photographs automatically by means of machine learning algorithms. Another novelty is that this application can recognize people, scenes or places and suggest albums and the possibility of sharing them with the people that appear in them; although the cherry on the cake is placed by the option of coloring the images in black and white based on artificial intelligence, and that leaves the user to choose if he wishes to color the entire image or only specific parts of it.

Something that surprises us is that the service of intelligent recognition of images of Google Photos is integrated into the application of the camera. So that you will be able to go live examining everything that the camera of the phone sees, obtaining information of objects that are recognized automatically without having to stop in the place and without intervention on our part. Register brands and styles to help us find clothing or similar items at a lower price than offered. It also has a function to recognize texts that will allow copying and pasting words or phrases directly from the Real World to the applications of our phone.

Google Intelligent Assistant

This does not end here, Google’s intelligent assistant could not be left behind, so it has six new voices that come by Wavenet and come with the singer John Legend. Although it is still unknown if these voices come in other languages besides English. In addition now this assistant is able to understand and hold conversations with you using a natural language, and even perform multiple actions included in a single sentence that you say. And to teach children to be educated google has placed the option to ask the assistant to use the word “Please”. To make matters worse, this assistant can book for you appointments in restaurants or order food if you request, because thanks to its intelligent system can make automated calls.

There are also more intelligent screens, with better graphics and that adapt depending on the season you are in, with fun frames, minimalist and full of prominence. In advance we know that very soon the new version of Google maps will be integrated, which will give us the opportunity to talk with the assistant while we are driving, without having to let go of the vehicle’s steering wheel. It also adds a layer of augmented reality to navigation with Street View that allows us to see everything from another perspective.

Google News

Play Newsstand will be replaced by Google News next week, completely modifying its design and functionality and including artificial intelligence for better performance. If you’re lucky you’ll be one of the 127 countries that will have an integrated subscription service to view paid content from more than 1,000 publishers. Among the improvements we highlight an advanced interface with cleaner graphics and full of prominence that offer more news feed based on our tastes.

Google Lens

Google Lens decides to completely change its philosophy and abandons exclusivities. If before Lens was due to Pixel made by Google, that has changed. Well, now it’s on the market with devices from LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia, OnePlus, BQ, Asus, TCL and Transsion Holdings, already integrating the high-end Samsung that it tested a few weeks ago.

The autonomous vehicles served to close with a flourish so far in the conference, as Android Auto came to revolutionize the world of technology with many new features. Among them the operating system for cars connected with Android base, which now comes with new interface and improvements in the Assistant’s searches.

Google Demands the implementation of security patches

During the event, in the segment of “What’s new in Android Security? “The company gave several talks about the new updates that will come for Android. The head of security for Google’s Android platform, David Kleidermacher, spoke about the upcoming security changes in Android.

It was mentioned that the company has been providing OEMs with the implementation of security patches. Google publishes monthly security patch gazettes. These are delivered to OEMs and suppliers a month in advance of publication to keep abreast of vulnerabilities before the newsletter comes out to users the first week of each month. In this way, some companies, such as Essential, have patch updates to be provided on the same day as Google. In the past, the company did not require manufacturers to update their equipment with the latest security patches.

But, recent reports revealed that some OEMs have ignored patches in the monthly bulletins which leads to many devices not receiving security updates. Among the plans of Google is to change that.

For that reason the company has programs to link its partners to certain terms. The GMS partner program and, the Android partner program. Those companies that belong to this second will work hand in hand with Google to ensure that the devices receive security updates regularly brought by the patches. The partners of this program will also receive news and Android launch more quickly than other companies. Reason why companies like Xiaomi, Essential and OnePlus obtained a VIP pass to the Android P Developer Preview 2.

There is not much more to say since not much details of this partner program have been revealed, we do not know if Google really has the means to verify that all the patches are implemented. But something is for sure, Google wants to guarantee that each Android device receives its respective patch. Kleidermacher said that this would be a positive change that ensures that Android users are safe from the latest security threats.

Google was not the only protagonist of the night also announced about 45 applications and games nominated for prizes in a total of 9 categories

Mi MIX 2S that enters the Developer Preview program of Android P

It was also announced the Mi MIX 2S that enters the Developer Preview program of Android P, adding new features such as the “do not disturb” mode that is put into action just by placing your device on a flat surface and thus avoid all kinds of interruptions not only calls and messages but also phone notifications, more advanced software and the best artificial intelligence technology at an affordable price and as usual Xiaomi could not miss the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a double post photographic module, the possibility to recharge your battery wirelessly, a Premium design with quality materials and many more new features.

However, it is well known that, despite being offering an excellent user experience for those who enjoy their services through their smartphones, Xiaomi is much more than just that. Its product catalog is extensive and now more. There are already more than 90 IoT companies in which the Chinese developer has invested and, during GOOGLE I / O, they gave an announcement that they plan to take that user experience to another level. Now the smart products of the brand will work in conjunction with the Google Assistant application. That’s right, now users can control their devices through voice commands.

And details of some products that have this improvement have already been revealed.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Bulb LED: The First product to work with Google Assistant

Among those is My Smart Bulb LED. A light bulb that will color any room, with combinations that offers a range of up to 16 million colors. In addition, as it will have the implementation of Google Assistant, with this bulb it will no longer be necessary to get up to learn or turn off the light, it can be done with the voice. It will also be possible to control the temperature and brightness of the colors to choose. On the other hand, you will have Mi Bedside Lamp, a bedside lamp that will also have 16 million colors that adjust to the type of environment, will have a touch sensitive panel and the application of Mi Home.

Finally we have what is possibly the most outstanding of these new products: Mi Smart Plug. A smart Wifi plug with which you can control by means of voice commands from Google Assitant any non-intelligent device, allowing its on or off.

This new line of products associated with one of Google’s services will also bring the beginning of what could be an expansion for Xiaomi in the market. These smart home products will soon be available for the United States. At the moment we only have confirmation that My Bedside Lamp will arrive for this month of May, the others are still waiting. Although these products for the home only represent a minimal part of the entire ecosystem that Xiaomi has in countries such as China and Asia. The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, announced that they were aiming to get their smartphones to the US market within a year. However, this has already been said in the past.

Undoubtedly the GOOGLE I/O 2018 brings this year a huge amount of improvements and services that we already want to have in our hands to try and of course show them all the advances of technology, surely in the coming days more ads will appear that will leave us surprised.



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