Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal Offered For $79.99

With the improved and magnificent state of cameras in smartphones for the past few years, more users are starting to take good quality pictures and videos using their cell phones. The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal is an indispensable part image and video lover toolkit. Using a smartphone to create good quality video footage or nice clear shot is not without its problem considering the fact that a user has to hold their phone to film or snap pictures.  The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal is a solution to that problem. By mounting the phone in a 3-axis handheld gimbal, vibrations from the hand of the user almost disappear. Now, let us take a proper look at its specification

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The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal is designed for both selfies and video lovers. Although it is built with solid materials, the Gimbal feels very solid without fear of breaking. This device is light and convenient with a total weight of 410g and dimension of 32.00 x 12.40 x 5.50 cm, which makes it extremely portable. Its unique telescopic shaft design helps to balance your mobile device without using a counterweight, making it easier to be in equilibrium. The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal has a pitch axis of 320degree, Roll axis of 270degree and Pan axis of 360degree which guarantees a seamless usage irrespective of angle. The gimbal can operate for 5 hours which is provided by a 2200mAh battery. The charging port for the Gimbal is in the middle of the handle and it can be charged using the standard micro USB cable.

The gimbal sports a Face recognition system. After locking the characters on the screen, the gimbal follows the movements of the captured people. The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal Smartphone App can be downloaded from  Google Play or App Store. Once the app is installed on a phone, it is easy to connect to the gimbal. Just switch the Bluetooth on, open the app and hit the connect button. The app will be connected immediately. Other features of the Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal includes face-tracking, vertical shooting mode, horizontal shooting mode, panorama mode and time-lapse

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Main Features:

  • Face recognition. After locking the characters on the screen, the gimbal follows the movements of the captured people.
  • Real-time charging function. The original battery lasts about 5 hours and can be charged by a portable power to shoot for a long time.
  • Special APP wireless connection. Strong compatibility, it supports iOS and Android system.
  • Horizontal or vertical. Meet your different needs of a shot.
  • One key homing function. Press the power button twice in succession to restore the original state.
  • APP download method: iOS – search Gimbal pro for download, or scan the QR code of the page directly; Android – scan the QR code in the manual or scan the QR code of the page directly.
  • Power supply: 2200mAh battery ( built-in ).
  • Compatible with phone less than 6 inches.
  • The phone and portable power in a picture are not included.

Where To Buy The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal

The Wewow A5 3-axis Hand-held Gimbal is currently available on Gearbest for $129.00 and would be delivered to your destination for free.




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