Michael Markesbery presents the world’s toughest thermal jacket at the Web Summit

The Web Summit is an event that brings together the brightest minds on the planet within a single site to talk about the latest technological advances. The nature of the article does not matter as long as it represents a novelty. Today, November 6, is the second day of the event, which has started strong with the introduction of unique products. Among them is the OROS’s thermal jacket.

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It may seem strange that a garment is in an event like this, but the truth is that the company in charge specializes in the manufacture of suits with technology similar to that used by NASA. Join us to know the details of this conference.

OROS and Web Summit – The garments of the future.

Many have been the addresses of the day. Among them, we highlight the one of Michael Marksbery, OROS’s CEO, who has used the occasion of the Web Summit to present again one of the most outstanding garments of the company: a thermal jacket. More specifically, he referred to the creative process that led to the design of a jacket with these properties. In addition, he showed an advance of what will be the collection of this product for the year 2019.

Web Summit Solarcore

Let’s talk a little about the jacket’s features. This represents a fundamental piece when performing extreme activities, because thanks to Solarcore technology, it is able to withstand temperatures of up to -160 °C. Not only is this extreme load supported, but also internally the jacket maintains a temperature of 31 °C. Additionally, Solarcore has a special feature that makes it a thin material, which does not require much filling to achieve thermal properties. In this way, you get a thin jacket, which becomes up to 200% thinner than other jackets.

If you want to get this jacket, you can do it for $350.00 from the official OROS’s store. There are both male and female models, and each one comes with 2 colors to choose from. As we mentioned previously, in 2019 new colors will go on sale.

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