Web Summit 2019: Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, is convinced that AI will change society

One of the most important technology events in the world just took place in Lisbon, the Web Summit 2019. Many important people in the tech industry have talked about extremely interesting topics during the few days that this event has lasted, and Mr. Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, is no exception. This man addressed the issue of artificial intelligence and how it can make a huge change in society, in fact, he compared it to the change generated by the combustion engine a century ago.

Brad Smith statements during the Web Summit 2019

Brad Smith’s speech at the Web Summit 2019 took place on Wednesday, where he talked about the impact of technology on society. In this regard, the executive said:

When we look to the future, in many ways AI will be a tool as the world has rarely seen before, and therefore, it can also become a weapon. When you look back to the first half of the twentieth century, it was an era that was transformed by an invention that was above everything else: the combustion engine.”

In addition to this, he stated the following “The combustion engine gave rise to the car and the plane; to the truck and the tractor; It changed every part of every economy. I think it is fair to say that during the next 3 decades, from now until 2050, AI is likely to play a similar role in the world economy. “

But these were not Smith’s only statements, as he encouraged large companies to think about the possible consequences that AI could bring if not handled properly, he said, “It really invites us [the technology industry] to think like never before about what this means in terms of broader social implications. As we do, I think it is really useful to start by reflecting on a fundamental fact: these are not new questions. This technology may be new, but these questions are as old as the technology itself. ”

Finally, he said that the issue of artificial intelligence is both ethical and technological and that both should go hand in hand to achieve the greatest progress possible.

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