Web Summit 2019: Michael Kratsios, Trump’s tech advisor, attacked China and Huawei

The Web Summit 2019 is one of the most important technology events of the whole year, and many famous personalities in the tech world assist every year. However, it is not always free of politics or controversies… In this sense, one of the executives who assisted the event was Michael Kratsios, director of technology of the United States and one of the main technological advisers of President Donald Trump. His statements have been full of controversy because of what he said during the last day of this event, since he praised his country and Europe, and in contrast, attacked China and the Huawei brand.

The statements of Michael Kratsios at the Web Summit 2019

Kratsios’ speech was easily the most controversial of the entire event since it was considerably loaded with politics. He started talking about the positive relations between his country and the European continent, and how they have worked together to improve the world of technology thanks to their shared values, he stated that “America succeeds because people have unparalleled freedom to chase their dreams and pursue excellence”.

He then said that regulations were considered the end of innovation. Up to this point, there was no problem, the statements were relatively normal supporting the tech market and so on, but a short time later the ideas of the advisor took a different tone.

And by this, we mean that the executive made a warning about “repressive regimes that do not share our same values” in his own words. In fact, he called one by its name, China. The executive’s statements regarding this country were:

“The Chinese government has built an advanced authoritarian state by twisting technology to put censorship on free speech and citizen control over empowerment,” and as if that were not enough, he pointed out a company in specific: Huawei.


Let’s not forget the fact that the US banned Huawei from making business with American companies early this year, further bolstering the trade war between the US and China. On a side note, the American mandatary has a solid argument when it comes to China’s repressive politics and tendency to censor those who speak against the CCP.

It is well known that the relationship between Huawei and the United States is rather tense right now, and Mr. Kratsios made it clear with his statements:

Chinese law compels all Chinese companies, including Huawei to cooperate with its Intelligence and Security Services, no matter where the company operates.”

Huawei was at the event too with its own Stand, so it was kind of awkward for the public. It is worth mentioning that in Xiaomitoday we do not take anyone’s side in regards to politics, we just reported what happened during our visit to the Web Summit 2019.

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