Web Summit 2019: Huawei talks about the start of the 5G era

One of the most anticipated technology events has just begun, the Web Summit 2019, and one of the executives who already made statements at this mega-conference was the rotating president of Huawei, Guo Ping. In his statements, he offered many companies the idea of partnering with Huawei in the development of the 5G network system and its applications. Guo said that applications and software created on 5G “are the ones that have real value.”

This is a huge market worth billions of US dollars, ”said Guo. «The biggest winners will be our partners».

Huawei at the Web Summit 2019

This senior executive insisted that companies should ally to obtain the best possible results, so he urged companies to join the giant Chinese manufacturer Huawei for the creation of different types of technologies based on this system and said that those who become partners will reap the most benefits.

These statements were offered during an opening speech at the Web Summit 2019, thus demonstrating the company’s plans to become world leaders in regards to 5G.

This technology has been highly promoted by several of the world’s largest technology companies, since is capable of delivering fast browsing speeds, short wait times and latency of just 0.1 seconds. Besides, Huawei is one of the companies that has worked the most in the development of this new technology, creating devices with software based on it, so it turns out to be one of the best business partners when working on 5G.

Guo also spoke of the deployment of the 5G network in 2020 throughout more than 20 countries and with the collaboration of 40 network operators.

He also highlighted how its incredible speed will allow for real-time video streaming at 8K resolution.

On the other hand, the Chinese company seems to ignore everything related to the commercial ban imposed by the United States, and in this sense, the American government has warned that Huawei’s 5G technology (both hardware and software), could pose a security threat to its users. However, Huawei has repeatedly denied such accusations.


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