Singer Akon presented the Akoin cryptocurrency at the Web Summit 2019 to fight corruption in Africa

The macro technological event Web Summit 2019 is hosting several highly known personalities in both the artistic and technological world. The first day, the former soccer player Ronaldinho held a conference. Now we could see the singer Akon, who continues to promote his crypto active project called Akoin, which will be available only in the African continent to help improve these countries economically and eliminate corruption.

Akon in the Web Summit 2019

The appearance of Akon at the Web Summit 2019

As we can see, the Web Summit 2019 encompasses all kinds of important personalities with future projects, in the case of Akon, he seeks to provide a hand to the poorest continent of the entire planet through the creation of a new cryptocurrency valid only for Africa. Cryptocurrencies, being fully decentralized from financial institutions, function as a way to stabilize the economy in many places where corruption is dominant. The main objective of the Akoin project, according to its website, is to “stimulate and innovate income-generating opportunities that support and strengthen youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth in Africa and the world”.

According to an interview conducted by the singer some time ago, he intends to launch this new cryptocurrency in 2020, for this reason, he takes advantage of an event as large as the Web Summit 2019 to make his project more known worldwide, since in here some of the most important executives from around the world are reunited.

Akon in the Web Summit 2019

According to Akon, with this initiative, he seeks to “return control of not only its resources to Africa, but also its ideals”. In addition to this, he gave statements regarding the continent in general, stating that “If Africa were united as a united front, we could become the greatest superpower in the world.” Finally, speaking of cryptocurrencies, Akon said that these “could be the saviors of Africa in many ways, because it brings power back to people and brings security back to the monetary system”.


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