Web Summit 2018: Netflix announces two new European original series

Currently, Netflix is a streaming platform that offers the best in series and movies, being currently one of the main entertainment services around the world, because its platform is compatible with 1,700 smart devices, offering the best movie titles and series currently, with original creations. The Chief Product Officer or also known as Netflix innovation director, Greg Peters, gave a lecture at the Web Summit 2018, where he spoke about the humble beginnings of the company and announced two new original European series that will be produced next year.

The American company was founded in 1997, formed by a group of 8 people, Netflix was available only for the United States, then came to Canada and Latin America, in 2012 it made a presence in Europe, starting with the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Alma and Ragnarok, the new original Netflix European series that will be released in 2020

Alma will be the new original Spanish Netflix series, is written by Sergio G. Sánchez and will be produced by Belén Atienza, Sandra Hermida and Jesús de la Vega. Alma will be a supernatural drama for young adults.

While Ragnarok, will be a new original Norwegian series of the American platform, it will be based on a drama influenced by Nordic mythology, this new project will be headed by the acclaimed writer Adam Price and SAM Productions, the series will be shot in Norway and Denmark.

Both projects will begin production in 2019, they are expected to be premiered worldwide on Netflix in 2020. However, we can’t say the exact date of the premieres, because the director of innovation of the company didn’t reveal those details in his presentation, but he did announce that original series in 6 languages in the coming weeks (Polish, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Turkish) will be released.

“Great stories come from anywhere and can travel anywhere”

Netflix destacada

During the Web Summit 2018, Greg Peters spoke about the importance that the company gives to the process of translation, subtitling and dubbing, because 85% of its users activate these options. Netflix has subtitles in 26 languages and dubbing in 10 different languages. Each translation made by the platform is responsible for preserving the essence that the creators have given to the titles, it is about making a fluent and believable translation, where they measure up to the time that the viewers can read the subtitles, or how fast can speak the character they are portraying, in addition, they make a series of tests to know which voice fits with each character, trying to perfectly resemble the personality of the original character.

According to Netflix’s director of innovation, great stories come from anywhere and can travel anywhere, connecting with the right audience, of course, this is achieved through the use of technology, which is why they are proud to be one of the most recognized entertainment platforms worldwide, because they constantly look for ways to offer their services to any part of the planet.

Every day they manage to form alliances with new writers and creative communities. Through Netflix, we can go to a completely new world, and immerse ourselves in endless stories of all kinds, for all tastes and ages.

Source: Web Summit

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