Web Summit 2018: Margrethe Vestager speech about tech regulation of the digital world

The Web Summit is still developing, and the controversies are part of the event. The great technology conference where big manufacturers show the world the future projects of advance and technological innovation has been a little overshadowed with the speech of the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager.

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As you know, since July there has been some discussion about the new antitrust and tech regulation legislation that has been established in Europe and generated controversy. Many of those who have known the news, thought that America would be saved from such action, however, we are far from being right. Margrethe Vestager has taken the opportunity of the Web Summit to warn the technology companies on the other side of the world; emphasizing that the US has a curious interest in what is being done in Europe.

Web summit - Margrethe Vestager speech about tech regulation of the digital world

Margrethe Vestager: The digital world will not continue to escape the rules

Margrethe Vestager is a Danish politician that has the vision of a digital future where the innovation will work for everyone. To do this, she believes that digital monopolies and the dissemination of harmful information must be regulated. During the Web Summit, she mentioned that “the time for big companies and partners to escape from the rules in the digital world is over”, stating that the same regulations of the offline world should be applied in the online world. She added: “This future is arriving so fast that it becomes increasingly difficult to say what shape it will take”.

Vestager is tough with the bad behavior of technological companies, but she does not deny being willing to defend the benefits of technology for society. For this to be possible, she has the conviction that the world needs to face the dark side of technology, acting accordingly as it deserves.

Web summit - Margrethe Vestager speech about tech regulation of the digital world

Growing US interest in the digital antitrust legislation

Part of her statements follow the line of comments by US President Donald Trump earlier this week. The US president said his administration is investigating the antitrust violations of Amazon, Facebook and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. However, the European Competition Commissioner expressed that the US and the EU acknowledge their differences in certain points of the legislation, but also ensures that there is a growing interest of the US when it comes to applying it in the future.

Web summit - Margrethe Vestager speech about tech regulation of the digital world

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