We Review the Elephone Trunk, the First Smartphone with Cyanogenmod 13

A new smartphone – The Elephone Trunk is here and will affect the world market by its affordability (~$110 or ~CNY 700) Even though its price has increased since it was introduced, it is still a great bargain.The Elephone Trunk is a smartphone made by the Chinese manufacturer Elephone currently situated in Hong Kong.


The Elephone Company has come a long way since 2006 and has produced some of the most popular phones. They have launched huge hits on the market such as the Elephone P8000, which is certainly the most popular model. Although the Elephone P8000 has been in the market for a couple of months, it still is the primary choice for many users because of its excellent features combined with its low price.

The Elephone have further reduced the price of its products without downgrading the performance and can now proudly present the Elephone Trunk, a smartphone that comes with an interesting feature; the Elephone Trunk will be the first in the Elephone’s line of devices to have a Cyanogenmod 13 built-in. The Cyanogenmod is a custom-made, state of the art version of the Android OS, improving it in many ways.

The Elephone Trunk is a smartphone that is excellent for those seeking their first smartphone, or for users who are not familiar with the many options modern phones have to offer. As for those who are skilled in dealing with high-tech the Elephone Trunk can be a low-cost option for a dependable device.

Here are some of the features of the Elephone Trunk we have reviewed for you:


The Elephone Trunk design is quite stylish as and it has a rubber-made coating that improves handling and feels great in your hand.

The slim 5-inch form of the Elephone Trunk makes it look like its price way above the listed. Along with a rounded shape and an arched frame this phone fits perfectly in the hand.

The 5-inch panel covers almost entirely the phone, and you can find capacitive buttons at the bottom. The button in the middle is the Home button which when pressed activates and lights up the adjacent buttons.

The volume buttons and the power button can be found on the right side while the top is reserved for the USB port and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Elephone Trunk


The Elephone Trunk comes with a 5-inch 1280 x 720 HD display. The resolution fits perfectly on the 5-inch OGS panel, and it’s something we don’t usually expect to see on a phone in this price range.

As you can see from the photo bellow, the display is wide and quite easy to use.

Protection is not listed as a part that comes with the phone, but you can easily buy screen protection on any of our recommended sites.

Elephone Trunk


The main camera on the back of theTrunk is an 8MP model augmented with Samsung Sensor to achieve 13 MP. It comes with the auto-focus feature that is regrettably not the best one. After a while, it starts to affect the camera and can spoil your photos. To make the most out of the Samsung Sensor, we suggest using the camera only for stationary objects as it is a bit slow.

If we exclude the auto-focus, the Elephone trunk has an impressive camera, and you can have fun with an excellent choice of features in the custom camera app.

There is also a front camera placed on the Elephone Trunk, which is 2MP camera that won’t make you a photographer, but can be used for taking selfies.

A sample of daytime photography with the Elephone Trunk.


Here is a photo taken during the night to demonstrate the Samsung Sensor, but also to describe the problems the camera is having with moving objects.

Elephone Trunk Camera sample
Elephone Trunk Camera sample


The Elephone Trunk is the only device in the Elephone series that is not using a Mediatek chipset. Instead, this phone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core chipset, along with an Adreno 306 GPU and 2GB of RAM.
In concordance with the price, the performance is averagely adequate for the everyday kind of tasks. Whether you are listening to music, looking at online content, or simply visiting your social media, you can expect for the Elephone Trunk to behave smoothly.
Playing games shouldn’t be a problem for this phone, as we have tested it on a 3D game and it ran without glitches and any other nuisances. It should be mentioned that if you try to play modern high-demanding games it will not run as smoothly, and you may experience certain issues.


Operating System

The Elephone Company has implemented an Operating System, which is based on the Android 5.1 Lollipop, and they have customized it to Cyanogenmod 13. We believe that this is an improvement for the Android OS series.

The Cyanogenmod has introduced some significant distinctions. This mode has excluded the app draw and has changed the way we can list through folders. The Cyanogenmod 13 downloads your applications in proper folders automatically although you can change the location for yourself.

There is only one setback in the custom made ROM and that is the appearance of adware. Every time you open a folder, you can see the “Nearby Applications” adware that is full of sponsored applications.
The unwanted adware is the only annoying thing, therefore, we have to rate the Cyanogenmod 13 as a great OS.


The internal storage size of this model is 16GB, which is a fair amount of space you can use for your music or videos. The Elephone Trunk is equipped with dual SIM support and a micro SD card area.

You can use a micro SD card to enhance additional space on your phone with the total being 32 GB that is more than enough to fulfil your demands.

Battery Capacity: Removable 2100 mAh


2100 mAh is decent for a battery in this price range. It is certain that it will provide energy for an entire day of phone usage.

Here is a list of specs for the Elephone Trunk for you to have a summarized list of its features:


•    Model:    Elephone Trunk
•    Sim Card: Dual Standby
•    Color: Black, Blue, White, Pink
•    Capacity RAM: 2GBROM: 16GB
•    Multi-Languages
•    CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad-core processor
•    OS: Elephone ROM based on Android 5.1 (Cyanogenmod 13)
•    Screen Display Size: 5-inchResolution: 1280 x 720
•    Primary Camera:  8 MP with Samsung Sensor
•    Secondary Camera:  2 MP
•    Connectivity 4G: FDD –1/3/7/20 (800 1800 2100 2600)3G: WCDMA 1/5/8 (850 900 2100)
•    WIFI : 802.11b/g/n(2.4G)
•    Battery Capacity: Removable 2100mAh
•    Body Measurements: 142.5 x 71.6 x 8.9mm
•    Net Weight: 138g




As it is shown, the main strengths are based on the operating system, the amount of RAM and 4G connectivity. Cameras are something of a weak point as well as the amount of internal storage but the Elephone Trunk makes up for it in its price.

The Elephone Company have deservingly earned their name in the phone market. We can expect them to evolve further by producing reliable, low-cost devices. We will see a lot more of Elephone outside of the Asian market.

You have a definite bargain here, and here are the links for you:

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