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If the gym is too far away and the outside air is not good, isn’t sport at home a good choice? For everyone, running a sport that requires a certain amount of intensity doesn’t seem to be suitable for everyone, but a product that can exercise like walking every day will be more in line with everyone’s daily needs. Today, Xiaobian has brought a new upgrade to the WalkingPad – the Gold Smith WalkingPad Walker A1 Pro. Xiaobian will evaluate this walking machine to let everyone know if this walking machine is suitable for everyone.

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The body of the WalkingPad walker A1 Pro is also very slim, and the height of the walking platform is only 57mm. The lower platform design makes it easier and safer for users to walk up and down the walker. At the same time, the thin and light body can also reduce the distance from the ground space and reduce the movement noise of the walking machine. In addition to the careful design in the machine section, the WalkingPad walking machine A1 Pro also enhances the user’s “feel” in the user’s the more attention-oriented walking belt. WalkingPad walking machine A1 Pro’s walking belt adopts wear-resistant anti-slip design and has EVA soft layer and smooth layer with low friction coefficient, which can effectively absorb shock. Underneath the walking belt, a high-density fiberboard is added, and the sturdy material allows the walking machine to withstand the impact of the user walking.

Since it needs to be used at home and seen almost every day, its appearance is very important. WalkingPad walking machine A1 Pro is more stable and reliable in style than previous generation products. It uses ink coating, sandblasting, IML technology and many other techniques, with the overall quiet black color, so that the walking machine can give a good texture in both the light and the dark.

After we removed the WalkingPad walker A1 Pro from the package, we don’t need the complicated installation process of the treadmill at all. We just need to plug in the power and turn on the switch to start it immediately. The power section interface and switch section are still located at the front of the walker, and the orange roller design is also preserved at the front. When you want to move the walker, it is easier to pass the roller.

If you are worried that the WalkingPad walker A1 Pro will occupy a lot of floor space in the family like a treadmill, then everyone can let go of it. The WalkingPad walker A1 Pro is also equipped with a patent for folding, which can be folded 180° in the opposite direction, which greatly reduces the footprint of the walking machine and only needs 0.44m2. When you don’t use the walking machine, you can put it under the bed or under the sofa without taking up too much space.


In addition to the optional handle parts, the WalkingPad walking machine A1 Pro will also provide accessories such as power cord, manual, warranty card, remote control, button battery, remote control strap, silicone oil, hex wrench, etc. It should be the most commonly used accessory in our use. Although it can be adjusted after connecting with the Mijia APP on the mobile phone, it is relatively more practical to use a compact remote control during exercise. The hand strap can also give the remote control a better grip on the wrist.

The M remote control mode, as its name implies, allows the user to set the speed by himself, allowing the user to walk at a constant speed. The maximum speed of the walking machine is 6km/h, which is basically the fastest speed for walking. For the small partners who want to go fast, this speed can also meet their needs. In the M remote control mode, the adjustment range is 0.5km/h, the speed increase, and decrease is relatively gentle, and it will not feel uncomfortable because the speed changes too fast.

When you connect to the Mijia APP for the first time and enter, you can see the prompts and follow the prompts to learn how to use the remote control and walking machine, including speed, pause, mode switching and so on. In the Mijia APP, we can also receive the 110,000 yuan personal insurance accident insurance of the WalkingPad walking machine. If there is an accident, it will be more secure.

At the same time, we can also set the walking machine in the Mijia APP, including the maximum speed of the walking machine, the starting speed of the fixed speed mode, the start and stop mode, and the automatic mode sensitivity. By setting the walking machine mode, the user can also be safer in use.

WalkingPad walking machine A1 Pro has a better foot feel and multiple guarantees also add more comprehensive safety performance to the walking machine. Whether it’s a user who likes to walk in the home or a user who is passionate about body fat reduction, the WalkingPad Walker A1 Pro delivers the best sports experience.

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