ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review: Goals Match Your Practices?

In the recent times, Projector has to change the way we look at our entertainment. There was a time when the projector was found only in theaters. Due to usefulness projector have to make up space for itself among all educational institutions, offices, homes, cinemas everywhere. Projectors have become quite popular and get into demand in the last years. Everyone is now looking for bigger and better screen sizes, and the projectors are providing everything.  Nowadays selecting a projector is a hard task because the market is full of different projectors. And not everyone is an expert on the projector. This guide is about ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector which is a many in one projector. It is suitable for both home and office usage.  Moreover, it has a capacity of 4500 Lumen projecting light. Which is more than enough for everyone and for anywhere use.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector


Most of the traditional projectors inspire the ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector design. The projection lens is inscribing on the left side of the projector. The IR receiver is set on the center of the device. The focus ring is set on the top so you can manage the focus very efficiently. All the control buttons that are use into controlling the projection angle and other functions of the projector are on the top.

3D Pictures

One of the features that are getting popular in projectors is 3D technology which adds extreme experience to viewing experience. The ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector comes with advanced 3D technology which let your whole family enjoy 3D movies at peace of home environment. Nowadays many 3D TVs available in the market but they come bearing high price. ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector solves the problem by providing 3D technology inbuilt.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector

Connectivity Options

The ViviBright projector comes with two VGA and HDMI ports which makes it best suited for office purpose. You can place the projector in a fix [posoition and the connectivity enable it to connect with any laptop. The experience we get by using this device is seamless and without any lag.

Projection Quality

The 4500 Lumens bulb power up the whole system and can maintain 90% uniformity all across the projection. The light intensity is enough for the darkroom to be light up without straining anyone eyes, A 290W lamp fit inside the projector power the projector for projecting images. The projector support XGA resolution which is superior to VGA. The projector also provides additional support like UXGA and WUXGA resolution as well.

Supported Formats

The projector support inputs from the direct USB device and therefore can read many popular formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF for images.  Projector supports various kinds of audio formats like WWP, APE, MP3 and many more. The projector lacks inbuild speaker because it is mainly design for office purpose.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector


The VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 DLP projector is best suited for the needs for an official purpose or work purpose. The projector can also be used for watching movies at home as it comes with 3D technology. You can learn more about the VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 DLP projector over here.






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